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LEVEL CROSSING CLOSURE – Feltham West Level Crossing

January 17, 2012

I have received the following today:

“Network Rail needs to undertake essential engineering works at Feltham West level crossing.  To facilitate these works, the level crossing will be closed to pedestrians as well as vehicles from 11.00pm Saturday 21st January until 5.00am Monday 6th February (16 days)

The alternative pedestrian route for access to the other side of the crossing will be to use the footbridge or the route through the shopping centre.

For disabled access across the crossing please contact an on-site Amey member of staff who will assist as required.

Should you have concerns about these arrangement please contact Network Rail Community Relations on 08457 114141.
Alternatively, the Amey Rail’s on-site engineers can be contacted direct on 08700 781 000.

Thank you for your understanding and we are sorry for any inconvenience these essentialengineering works may cause.”

I received the following last Friday:

“Vehicles and cycles will be diverted via New Road and A244 Hounslow Road. We will work with TfL Traffic Signals to adjust the traffic signal timings at both the Bedfont Lane/High Street and Hounslow Road/Hanworth Road junctions to try and reduce any delays as much as possible.
Pedestrians will have three options; the footbridge adjacent to the level crossing will remain open at all times; the footbridge and ramp into The Centre will be available for use 24-hours a day; and there is the longer route via the footways on New Road and Hounslow Road. During the day the contractor working for Network Rail will have operatives on hand to offer assistance to anyone who has mobility difficulties to help and escort them around the closure, either through The Centre or via the lifts within Feltham Station itself.
Network Rail has already undertaken a letter drop to local residents and businesses. Advance notice signs are on site and signs specific for pedestrians will be on site before Monday. On Thursday and Friday next week there will be representatives from Network Rail on site distributing leaflets to all pedestrian and cyclists using the crossing advising them of the pending closure and the alternative routes available to them. Letters will also provided to the local primary schools for distributing to parents.”

Graffiti in Grosvenor Park

December 6, 2011

I saw the following when out and about the other day.  It was at the rear of 1 Guildford Avenue:

Will report later.

Alleyway being cleared

August 24, 2010

I read this lunchtime today.  Great to see as I know that Colin Botterill has been working very hard on it.  As I expected, when he became an addition to the Conservative Group at the most recent local elections, he is making an excellent impression.

Congratulations Alan Keen

May 7, 2010

Knowing how flat out I, and others on my campaign team, have worked not only during this campaign but over a much longer period, this is clearly an impressive result for Labour.  Naturally I feel very disappointed.  There were things that I did not expect such as the following:

  1. For the Labour vote to hold up in Bedfont, Feltham and Hanworth to hold up the way it did;
  2. For the gap between Labour and Conservatives to be as large as it was in Hounslow West & Cranford and, to a lesser extent, Heston

We secured the most votes in Bedfont, Feltham North, Feltham West, Hanworth Park and Hanworth.  However, Labour won by a much greater margin in Heston West, Heston Central, Heston East, Hounslow West and Cranford.

Labour invested heavily in this constituency and I saw over 20 different items of literature from them during the campaign.  They took the threat of the Conservatives seriously.

I respect and accept the decision of residents in this constituency and congratulate Mr Keen.  I do not think I have ever been so tired when giving a speech before but glad I got through it at around 05:30am.  My team could not have done anything more to win this and I will always be grateful to them for their passion and loyalty.

Off to another count at mid-day.  I hope I will continue as a Councillor for Feltham North.

Previous couple of days (things picked up)

May 2, 2010

As I intended originally months and months ago, I will looking out for things until the end of the campaign (and beyond).  Here is some more:

1) Highways

A dip in the footway outside 27-29 Westminster Close, Feltham:

An open cabinet outside 44 Waterloo Close:

2) Vandalised bin

Outside 780 Bath Road, Cranford:

3) Graffiti

On Westmacott Drive (near junction with Beattie Close):

Will report on Tuesday.

Feltham West 06/03/2010

March 7, 2010

I picked up a number of things yesterday:

1) Alleyways in Rose Avenue

A strong contrast between the two alleys.  On the positive:

And the other one:

2) Alleyway at the rear of Hanover Avenue

I entered at the side of 110 and was very concerned to see the amount of graffiti.  Here are some pictures at the side and rear:

3) Graffiti

Outside 15 Guildford Avenue:

Near 37 Princes Road:

4) Highways

Outside 3, 9 & 21 Princes Road:

Outside 25, 38, 49, 53, 61, 72, 79 Hanover Avenue:

From 28 Avenue Road:

72 Granville Avenue:

No carriageway problems in Vernon Road:

5) Sunken drain gulley

Near 12 Vernon Road:

6) Dumped pieces of wood

Outside 16 Granville Avenue:

I will report the above tomorrow morning.

Tagging outside 38-40 Redford Close

March 1, 2010

Will report and ask for this to be removed.

Tesco carpark in Lower Feltham yesterday

December 6, 2009

I was concerned to see the following yesterday:

This looks really bad.  It was taken at around 1:15pm yesterday (Saturday).  I will want to know:

  1. When the various containers were last emptied?
  2. What is the schedule for emptying these containers and checking that no bags are being dumped in this way?
  3. Why is the area in this unacceptable condition?
  4. What will be done to avoid this happening again?

Feltham West yesterday (part 2 – Rochester Estate)

December 6, 2009

Here are some things to report from Rochester.  The first is one outside 92 Rochester Avenue that Highways need to look at:

The following is again in Rochester Avenue but is outside 1 Southcote Avenue:

A similar query to my previous posting about Road Signs – this looks very rusty.  This is located on the junction with Rochester Avenue:

The following is opposite 47 Rochester Avenue:

The following is next to 71 Craven Avenue and opposite 31 Guildford Avenue:

Some tagging on the following road sign – on the junction with Guildford Avenue:

The following tagging is next to 1 Guildford Avenue:

The following tagging is outside 17 Southcote Avenue:

The following tagging is opposite 2 Rochester Avenue:

The following is outside the Rochester Parade (by KFC) and on the junction with Rose Gardens:

I will report all of these in the morning.

Feltham West yesterday (part 1 – Allied Estate)

December 6, 2009

I visited the Rochester and Allied Estate again over the weekend.  Quite a few things to pick up.  The following was on the junction of Westbourne Road & Raleigh Road:

The following pothole was outside 44 Princes Road:

The following was next to 77 Princes Road:

The following tagging is outside 146 Vernon Road:

The following tagging on the wall and lampost is outside 138 Vernon Road:

The following post on the junction with Vernon Road looks very rusty.  It got me thinking about some others such as the one at the junction of Helen Avenue and Harlington Road West.  I will look into the policy generally and ask for the following one to be looked at:

It appears that the street in Feltham West that participted in the Micro-Asphalt pilot was Vernon Road.  There appears to have been a good job done here:

The following tagging was outside 40 Princes Road:

The following tagging is in Avenue Road but the wall is outside 39 Percival Road:

The following tagging was outside 25 Raleigh Road:

The following is outside 17 Raleigh Road:

There was some very offensive writing on the footway outside 3 Raleigh Road.  It is too offensive to include on the blog but I will be reporting this as offensive graffiti in the morning and expect that it will be removed quickly.

I am not certain if the following crack would exceed the intervention levels but I will ask Highways to look into the following outside 5 Raleigh Road:

The following is outside 68 Raleigh Road.  I will ask Highways to look into this defect (they should also look at the one opposite which is less of concern than this one):

The following sign could do with a clean – it is on the junction with Bedfont Road:

I will ask Highways to look at the following outside 64 & 66 Bedfont Road:

All of the above will be reported tomorrow morning.