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Ponds in Feltham (other than Feltham Park)

February 25, 2010

I keep my eye on the one in Feltham Park almost daily.  It is looking good.

Pond on Feltham High Street

I took a walk down Feltham High Street earlier today and the pond on the High Street looked really nice overall.  Here are some pics:

Still have two things to report.  First is the graffiti by the perimeter of the pond:

And, there was a problem with some litter and other debris at the edge of just one part:

Bridge Pond

This is looking much, much better.  I know that my colleague, Becky Stewart, was on to this.  Glad to see the improvements:

Feltham Park was probably the biggest problem in the past, especially in the first couple of years in my time as a Councillor.  But, as things stand, things are looking better with all ponds.  It is good to see because when well maintained I think that they add real value to the area.

Will report the couple of issues tomorrow.