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Feltham Park yesterday

September 20, 2009

The kids and I went over the park yesterday afternoon and I am not certain that the park has looked this good in all my time I have lived in Feltham.  Here are some pictures:


The pond is getting better but it is not cracked yet!


There is some tagging on the young childrens’ play equipment – this picture was the least offensive.  Such is the nature of the tagging, I will be asking for this to be removed as a matter of urgency.  What kind of sick mind tags sexual references on the equipment used by the most innocent?  It really does make me very angry.


The following piece has been added – I previously reported it and posted a picture of it being missing:


The rear of the Assembly Halls looks ok and the grass is being very well maintained:


Some new swings for the younger children:


I will ask for the graffiti in the alley between Helen Avenue and the park to be removed:


I will always report issues and problems but very keen to acknowledge what I believe are recent and major improvements in Feltham Park.

Feltham Park earlier today

August 2, 2009

Not taken my kids to the most local park for a few weeks but we went along earlier this afternoon.  Some really good things such as the lack of tagging on the play equipment and the high use of the tennis & basketball courts but a few things worth reporting.

The worst thing I saw was the amount of rats (I think I saw 5).  I did not manage to get a picture of one because they moved very fast but here was the bushes I saw them running in and out of:



Some small bits of glass not far from the elder childrens’ swings:


And, here is a close up at the type of glass:


Some tagging at the rear of the Assembly Hall:


The following used to be a balancer or something like that but, as you will see, there is a piece missing:


I will ask if this can be replaced.

I took a look at the pond.  The following sign does not serve any purpose with the amount of tagging.  I will ask if this can be updated?


I think it is looking less bad than a few weeks ago but not the standard I would like.


Something is being done – see one of the bales of straw in the pond:


I could not see a lifebuoy anywhere – inside or outside the pond:



There is a hole in the fencing at one of the entrances to the tennis courts:


Saw the following the other side of the courts:


And, finally, loads of gas around the tree near the entrance to the park and the Assembly Halls:


Tagging in Feltham Park

June 21, 2009

Not a very clear picture, but I noticed the following Notice Board (from the alleyway at the end of Helen Avenue):


There is tagging on the notice board and at the rear of the Assembly Hall.

Walk home from Feltham High Street this afternoon

March 7, 2009

Walked through Feltham Park (Nursery Close side) and looking good.

Did, however, notice the following:


Will report the bags and tagging on bins on Monday.

Of more concern, is an ongoing issue of litter in the bushes at the side of the path after you turn left at the higher end of Helen Avenue:




Will be discussing with Officers at the Council what can be done.  Will report back!

Away with the tagging

August 17, 2008

In a previous posting, I commended Laing & Continental Landscapes for some recent work in Feltham Park.  I mentioned the removal of tagging on some equipment.  Here are some pictures:

It looks so much better than before!

Very hopeful on Feltham Park

August 14, 2008

Councillors Hutchison, Wilson and I attended an inspection of Feltham Park and Poets Corner on Tuesday.  With regards to the latter, we have lift off (well, some maintenance):

 With regards to Feltham Park, my views are as follows:

  • I have already seen a big improvement with the level of litter picking.  I take this view because I always see less litter (and broken glass) than before;
  • Some defects in the childrens’ play area (that I recently reported) have been made safe;
  • The tagging on the equipment (that I recently reported) in the childrens’ play area has been removed;
  • Some paths in the park are not ideal (but I expect that there are worst examples in other parks- the worst in Feltham Park was removed a few years ago);
  • There are still bits of overgrowth in and around the park that are untidy;
  • The pond, whilst not quite as bad as before, remains the Achilles heal of the park

With regards to the last three, I accept that these need time and my expectation is that there will be big improvements 12 months from now.  There is a real opportunity with the Winter Maintenance Programme!

Here is the picture of the pond on Tuesday:

It is the green surface that bothers post people.  It is clearly not as great or thick as before but I really hope that this will be maintained weekly and we will eventually have a clear pond.  The lifebuoy and other appartaus being in the pond remains a problem.

It will take time but as far as Feltham North goes, there has been a decent start on the part of Laing and Continental.  I am very optimistic about the future of the parks and open spaces in Feltham North.

Feltham Park is looking very good

July 26, 2008

I could not help but be impressed earlier today with the lack of litter in the park.  This is what I, and other residents, want to see in the future.

The pond is looking a little better than before but there is a long way to go there.

I recently asked for an area, where there were once seats, to be swept thoroughly (and this is the picture I sent off at the time):

I was informed that this required a shovel.  I noticed that this work was being completed yesterday afternoon:

The two men, whom I met, were doing a very good job.  Must have been especially tough today working in that sun – it was hard enough delivering leaflets!