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Feltham Park Benches

September 12, 2011

I have been contacted by residents regarding the removal of benches in Feltham Park.

Whilst I have not made requests for the bench – close to the Helen Avenue entrance – to be removed, I have been very aware that it has been the location where most of the drinking has been taking place.

However, in response to concerns from residents, I made an enquiry and received the following response:

“I’m replying to your recent enquiry concerning the removal of two benches in Feltham Park.

The bench near the entrance from Helen Avenue was removed at the request of the Client Manager for Grounds Maintenance. It has been kept in storage. It’s removal was prompted initially by the Neighbourhood Community Safety Co-ordinator, following complaint from several of the residents whose properties back onto that area of the park. The bench was a popular congregating point for people drinking in the park.

You’ve mentioned the removal of another bench nearer to the children’s play area – but we’ve not removed anything else since December last year.”

It was back in 2002/03 when I sent out questionnaires to residents about the benches at the Hounslow Road entrance (opposite the junction with Park Way). I recall a very strong desire from residents for these to be removed as the large amounts of people congregating in that area was deterring others from entering the park (or atleast making it a less pleasant experience). There was also a minority who did not want those benches removed because they believed – quite reasonably – that the benches served a legitimate purpose for the decent majority. My position – and that of the police at the time – was to support removal and I believe that the removal was a success in that the ASB problems at that location pretty much went away. As for the bench by Helen Avenue, I was never made aware of any of those drinking being abusive to others. 

But I understand, and share, the discomfort with people drinking alcohol in the park.  At the same time, I remain sympathetic to those who do not support its removal.  I do not feel as strongly about this bench as I did with the other benches I have mentioned.

Interested in what others think!

Feltham Park 30 August 2011

August 30, 2011

The following defect (at the side of 1 Clymping Dene) needs to be repaired in my view:

And the pond is still not looking as good as it should:

Will report all of the above in the morning.

Feltham Park pond 22 May 2011

May 23, 2011

No drinking seen yesterday afternoon and most of the park was looking very good.  Such a disappointment to see the pond as follows:

It is a shame that the pond is again the Achilles heal of the park.

Drinking zone

May 15, 2011

I went to Feltham Park for a walk with my children earlier today and reported another breach.  The Operator asked me whether there was signage in the park and I started doubting myself so searched for something.  Here is the entrance at Hounslow Road (opposite entrance to Park Way):

The Chronicle have been in touch for a comment from me.  The key thing I would stress for any article they write in response to my blog postings is:

“I encourage all residents to report any drinking within Feltham Park to the police on 0300 123 1212.  Recently, I saw a large number of empty beer cans and bottles at one location near the alley to Helen Avenue.  I have therefore written to the Area Inspector and the relevant department at the Council to ask for their response to the problem.”

I will of course provide an update via the blog when I am in receipt of a response.  One thing I have not said recently is that the grass cutting in the park continues to be of a good standard and there continues to be no tagging on the kids play equipment.

Feltham Park

May 9, 2011

Some things taken from recent visits.

1) Breach in Controlled Drinking Zone

I do report breaches when I see them and think I need to encourage others to do the same.  Here are some things seen yesterday (near Helen Avenue entrance):

2) Dumped trolley nearby

3) Near bench between park and Helen Avenue entrance

Lots of bottle tops and cigarettes:

4) Pond

It is looking very bad again.  Lets see if it will be improved after I report it?

5) Rear of Feltham Assembly Hall

Some tagging needs to be removed, plus a lick of paint would possibly be required?

Will take up each of the above today.

Latest on alley between Helen Avenue and New Road

April 28, 2010

I noticed further work taking place yesterday.  I think that the works that have been carried out will make this area much easier to maintain in the future (especially in terms of litter picking).  This whole area looks much neater and tidier than previously so I am very pleased.

But I also need to report some graffiti in Feltham Park by its entrance (Glebelands end):

Will report now.

Feltham Park 15/04/10

April 15, 2010

Walked through from Clymping Dene on my way to Park Way earlier today.  On the whole looking very good:

I have sung the praises about the improvements in the three local ponds but I will report the following as I want the improvements to remain:

New trees!:

Feltham Park this afternoon

March 7, 2010

I realise that some may see me as a broken record when it comes to my excitement on parks but the standards have shot up beyond recognition.  I took my kids out for a bit this afternoon.  Very little to report and most importantly no tagging on any of the equipment:

And the pond is looking really really good:

Next to no litter:

I will find out why the gate to the tennis court is open (pond side):

The first court, I saw had a defect that I will ask to be repaired before we get the tennis weather:

I will report the last two in the morning.

Earlier today – Feltham Park and surrounding

January 24, 2010

Alley between Helen Avenue and New Road

Someone mentioned again the amount of litter in bushes in the alley from Helen Avenue to New Road.  I had been informed that some work will take place to the former allotments next to Station Estate Road.  As of today, it had not been but will give it a week before chasing.

Here is what I saw today:

The pictures do not capture how much litter is in many of the bushes.  I think to remove all the litter in this area and in these places would take quite some time but I will see what can be done.

Here is a picture from the New Road end:

Feltham Park

I also took the children to Feltham Park and was pleased when arriving to see someone litter picking:

Lots of markings on the floor – nothing offensive about it but could build up if allowed to stay.

And, there was tagging on the bin in the children’s play area:

Utility box in Hounslow Road open

The following is open opposite St Giles Hotel:

Tagging near entrance to Station Estate Road:

Litter near entrance to Station Estate Road

Same location as the previous picture but looking down, there was quite a lot:

Trolleys in New Road

As with the one at the top of this posting, I wonder how they got there – would things be worse in terms of abandoned trolleys were coins not required for use.  I think matters would be worse.

Walk to surgery earlier today

October 3, 2009

On my way to the joint surgery with Tony Arbour, I took a couple of problems.  First one is some tagging on the signage in Feltham Park (by the alley at the end of Helen Avenue):


And, I will find out what can be done about the following graffiti in the alleyway from Helen Avenue to New Road: