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Feltham Park pond

July 1, 2009

As readers of his blog will know, I have praised Laing and Continental for their performance since they came on board.  I previously highlighted the improved appearence of Feltham Park, especially the pond.  Here is what I saw yesterday evening:



It is certainly not looking nice at the moment.  I am about to write to ask what will be done to improve matters?

Some brilliant improvements from Laing!

October 19, 2008

Driving around with my family yesterday when I noticed a big change in my ward.  The land at the rear of some properties in Hatton Green has been overgrown ever since I became a Councillor.  I was thrilled to drive past and see a big change.  I had to drive to Green Man Lane and get out to take a couple of pictures:

I only wish I had a picture of what it looked like before.  I think that residents will be really pleased.

And, the pond in Feltham Park is looking much better and there are even ducks swimming there:

Certainly looking better than it has for a while.  I hope that the improvements will continue but it is clear that the start for Laing and Continental has been really good.