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Latest with Feltham Park Pond

September 27, 2012

As it has deteriorated over the past month or so and previous reporting has not improved matters, I submitted a complaint last Friday.  Here was a picture taken on Thursday:

The reference number is 008922.

Feltham Park Pond latest

June 30, 2012

I received the following pictures earlier this week and saw the pond for myself yesterday.

I received the following on 25 June:

“As promised I can update you on the latest information regarding Feltham Pond.
John Laing Integrated Services have advised that they are clearing the whole surface of the pond regularly once a week and everyday are cleaning and clearing what they can reach from the edges etc such as the algae and any litter.
A more permanant solution is being sort and I have put JLIS in touch with an outside contractor who are experts in this field in the hope to resolve this problem as soon as possible.”

Lets hope that the improvements continue.  Reporting (and repeat reporting) can clearly make a difference!

Latest with Feltham Park Pond

June 5, 2012

I received the following on 24 May:

“Further to our recent correspondence concerning this matter and especially the points noted in your most recent email, It is clear that in this instance our service delivery and expected response has fallen below that expected.

In mitigation, Feltham Pond has been an ongoing problem for a number of years, to answer Cllr Bowens original request for information, this noted the presence of a nesting moorhen on the pond which prevented any work being carried until the chicks had hatched and successfully fledged, this has now happened and subject to no further nesting birds etc we will be able to attend site on a regular basis to carry our regular clearance of both weed and water borne litter. Our Senior Ecologist, was also consulted regarding both the nesting bird issue and aquatic weed control.

With the above in mind, we propose the following programme be adopted until we all have had the opportunity to discuss a longer more sustainable solution.

Full clearance of water borne weed and litter – ongoing.

Daily litter collection around the pond surrounds and water borne collection by net from the bank.

Weekly / as required water borne  litter collection by boat.

Weekly netting of water borne weed.”

Here is what the pond looked like over the weekend:

I do not see any improvement so will ask again when an improvement can be expected?

Feltham Park pond latest

May 12, 2012

Last month, I made a stage 1 complaint about the state of the pond in Feltham Park. I received the following response on 17 April:

“I am writing in response to your email that was received on 04 April 2012, regarding the above site. Our reference number is 006783. I can confirm that I have asked our contractors John Laing Integrated Services to physically remove the weed from the pond. I will be meeting with JLIS this afternoon to discuss options to resolve this ongoing issue. As soon as we have an action plan of operations to be carried out with a timescale I will let you know. Please be assured I will be pursing JLIS to get these works done as soon as possible.”

Here is what I saw this afternoon:

There does not appear to be any improvement to me.  I also saw a lot of bottles and cans etc.  It is possible that the crazy weather we have had over the past few weeks has not helped but I will be writing about this again on Monday.

Feltham Park Pond

April 4, 2012

Take this morning:

I will make a complaint about this later today.

Feltham Park 30 August 2011

August 30, 2011

The following defect (at the side of 1 Clymping Dene) needs to be repaired in my view:

And the pond is still not looking as good as it should:

Will report all of the above in the morning.

Feltham Park

May 9, 2011

Some things taken from recent visits.

1) Breach in Controlled Drinking Zone

I do report breaches when I see them and think I need to encourage others to do the same.  Here are some things seen yesterday (near Helen Avenue entrance):

2) Dumped trolley nearby

3) Near bench between park and Helen Avenue entrance

Lots of bottle tops and cigarettes:

4) Pond

It is looking very bad again.  Lets see if it will be improved after I report it?

5) Rear of Feltham Assembly Hall

Some tagging needs to be removed, plus a lick of paint would possibly be required?

Will take up each of the above today.

More from yesterday morning

November 20, 2009

This was taken outside of 102 Field Road.  Someone could trip over the edge of the crossover so I will ask Highways to inspect:

Here is the carpark outside 42-58 & 60-76.  It is so much better than what it was a couple of years ago or so:

This is outside 73-89 Field Road.  Again, will ask Highways to inspect:

The following tagging is in Field Road (next to 121 Hounslow Road):

Lots of bird mess needs to be washed away outside of 43 Hounslow Road (close to the hotel).  With this being such a large tree, this problem is inevitable but I will ask for the schedule for cleaning this particular piece of footway:

The traffic bollard at Harlington Road West (junction with Hounslow Road) has been knocked over:

Finally, I was really pleased to see the pond in Feltham Park looking so good again!

Will report the above where appropriate.

Feltham Park earlier today

August 2, 2009

Not taken my kids to the most local park for a few weeks but we went along earlier this afternoon.  Some really good things such as the lack of tagging on the play equipment and the high use of the tennis & basketball courts but a few things worth reporting.

The worst thing I saw was the amount of rats (I think I saw 5).  I did not manage to get a picture of one because they moved very fast but here was the bushes I saw them running in and out of:



Some small bits of glass not far from the elder childrens’ swings:


And, here is a close up at the type of glass:


Some tagging at the rear of the Assembly Hall:


The following used to be a balancer or something like that but, as you will see, there is a piece missing:


I will ask if this can be replaced.

I took a look at the pond.  The following sign does not serve any purpose with the amount of tagging.  I will ask if this can be updated?


I think it is looking less bad than a few weeks ago but not the standard I would like.


Something is being done – see one of the bales of straw in the pond:


I could not see a lifebuoy anywhere – inside or outside the pond:



There is a hole in the fencing at one of the entrances to the tennis courts:


Saw the following the other side of the courts:


And, finally, loads of gas around the tree near the entrance to the park and the Assembly Halls:


Yesterday morning in parts of Feltham North

July 26, 2009

A hot one yesterday so did not get around as far as I would have liked but as always picked up a few things on my travels.  No idea why the following sign is so dirty but will ask for this to be cleaned:


Will be chasing the condition of the pond (again) tomorrow!


Nursery Close was looking really lovely.  Grass verges well maintained and next to no litter.  All brilliant to see!  Here is a picture from the large block (44 to 76):


Just a couple of things to report.  I will report both to Hounslow Homes – location is outside block 44 to 76:



The footway in Fern Grove was benefitting from planned maintenance:


The following bollard was damaged outside 8 Harlington Road East – will report to TfL:


The following sign was pointing in the wrong direction and therefore not serving any purpose.  Will report:


And, the following had been marked out for repair outside 70 Hounslow Road.  Will chase to see by when this will happen?