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Very very exciting times

May 4, 2010

Yesterday was a very proud day for me.  Theresa May came to Feltham in the morning and we went round parts of Feltham North.

In the evening, the Party held a rally here in Feltham at the Assembly Hall.  I stood ten feet tall when David Cameron congratulated the team on a energising campaign.  It was a moment I will not forget.

Another high profile Guest comes today.  Exciting times and all to play for.  Back to the campaign!

Reporting continues in 2010

January 4, 2010

Here are some pictures of tagging.  The first is at the side of the Tote Bookmakers in Staines Road, Bedfont (next to junction with New Road):

And, the next two are taken in the alleyway entrance off New Road (this time the one in Feltham and not Bedfont) leading to Feltham Park, Helen Avenue etc:

There are other bits of tagging that I have seen (but did not get to take pictures):

  1. When turning left off Staines Road, Feltham into Faggs Road, there is quite a lot of tagging on the panels on the left;
  2. There is tagging on the plastic/glass at the bus stop outside the Feltham Assembly Hall in Hounslow Road – this tagging is particularly offensive;

I will report each of the above today.

Feltham Park earlier today

August 2, 2009

Not taken my kids to the most local park for a few weeks but we went along earlier this afternoon.  Some really good things such as the lack of tagging on the play equipment and the high use of the tennis & basketball courts but a few things worth reporting.

The worst thing I saw was the amount of rats (I think I saw 5).  I did not manage to get a picture of one because they moved very fast but here was the bushes I saw them running in and out of:



Some small bits of glass not far from the elder childrens’ swings:


And, here is a close up at the type of glass:


Some tagging at the rear of the Assembly Hall:


The following used to be a balancer or something like that but, as you will see, there is a piece missing:


I will ask if this can be replaced.

I took a look at the pond.  The following sign does not serve any purpose with the amount of tagging.  I will ask if this can be updated?


I think it is looking less bad than a few weeks ago but not the standard I would like.


Something is being done – see one of the bales of straw in the pond:


I could not see a lifebuoy anywhere – inside or outside the pond:



There is a hole in the fencing at one of the entrances to the tennis courts:


Saw the following the other side of the courts:


And, finally, loads of gas around the tree near the entrance to the park and the Assembly Halls:


Tagging in Feltham Park

June 21, 2009

Not a very clear picture, but I noticed the following Notice Board (from the alleyway at the end of Helen Avenue):


There is tagging on the notice board and at the rear of the Assembly Hall.