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Walk down Uxbridge Road (as the rain came)

November 22, 2009

Took a walk earlier this morning.  A few things to report.  In Hampton Road West, I saw some tagging on the phone box:

The following was near 125 Uxbridge Road.  A door missing and some tagging (and leaves need clearing):

Difficult to see on this picture but there is some tagging on the glass/plastic – it is outside 120 Uxbridge Road:

A broken bin outside 153 Uxbridge Road.  I will ask for it to be replaced or repaired:

Some weeding needed – this is near to 136 Uxbridge Road:

The following two pictures at the entrance to St John’s Ambulance (next to 154 Uxbridge Road):

Finally,  the following sign is going to be replaced, along with two others in Feltham (one on the High Street and one in Hounslow Road in Feltham North).  I will ask for an update on by when this will be done?

Will report tomorrow morning.

Feltham Airparcs

October 26, 2009

With my mother, took the kids to the Airparcs on Sunday.  Works have clearly started and it is always appreciated by when an operation can continue when there are works such as these taking place.  The carpark is understandably much reduced but I had no problem getting a space:


A different route is required for entering the building with works currently taking place at the entrance:


A new path has been laid at the rear:



Here is a view of the front from the inside:


A poster advertising the works:


A view of the front from another angle.


No problems to report as such but glad to see such investment in the future of these facilities.

Feltham Airparcs earlier today

September 20, 2009

Took the kids for a swim and took a look to see that previously reported problems had been removed as problems and glad to say that the bins are no longer overflowing:


No idea why a sofa is there – will report it.

And, the following sign at the entrance is worth flagging – yet another example of this administration turning things around in this Borough:


Feltham Airparcs

July 26, 2009

Took my kids for a swim this morning (great time) but as blog readers would probably have guessed, I am a bit obessive about refuse disposal and noticed this:



I do not think that the above is appropriate.   Will ask what will be done to avoid this in future?

First time to Feltham Airparcs

May 17, 2009

I am sort of ashamed to admit that it was my first visit to Feltham Airparcs yesterday.  I say sort of because I have never really been into swimming.  However,  my mother swims around 4 times a week and was keen that her and I took my eldest two for a swim today.  Both she and I were very impressed.  It really is a great treat for younger and older children.  We will certainly go again soon!

As always, I look for things I would like improved and came up with two:

1. The lockers were not user friendly and seemed old.  I think that this will resolve that matter.

2. The following bins were too full and I never like to see that.


I will ask about the schedule for collcetion! But a great experience and I encourage others to pay the place a visit.