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29 November 2011 Borough Council Meeting

December 1, 2011

Here was the agenda.

The Conservative Group supported items 5, 6 & 9.  It was unable to support item 7 as we do not believe that the promises made by Labour at the 2010 Local Elections are being kept.  I proposed, and Councillor Brad Fisher seconded, the following motion:

“At the 2010 Local Elections, Labour made the following promise:

 “Action on crime with 100 uniformed officers on the streets in this area and CCTV [closed circuit television] in crime hotspots.”

When it became the Administration, references to the Borough’s Five Areas were removed and the wording of the pledge was:

 “Action on crime with 100 uniformed officers on the streets and CCTV in crime hotspots”

In view of the unacceptable difference between what Labour promised and what the Council is now pledging, Borough Council considers the first theme, a Safe Borough, to be lacking in credibility and calls for the Labour Group to keep its promises.”

We did not support agenda item 8.

The six tabled questions (three from each Group) were interesting.  My supplementary question (item 15) would have surprised no-one, namely whether the Lead Member would agree with me that more flats on this site would be a sad outcome?  The only surprise was the comments from others – they gave the impression that more flats would be a good thing.  It should, however, be acknowledged that the answer to item 11 did state that some of the capital receipt would be ringfenced for community benefit.  I do not recall a figure but will check the minutes when they are published.

As for item 16, the Lead Member did not guarantee a weekly collection.

Disposal of Ex Feltham Community Association Building

October 17, 2011

This has been debated in the past mainly the plans with which I was strongly and enthusiastically associated to relocate the Skills Centre.  Here is a delegated authority published last week.

Section 2.4 of the report says:

“External consultants were then appointed to examine the future options for the site prior to disposal. They have suggested that the site is suitable for mixed use, residential or commercial development.”

More flats?

Two articles in the Chronicle

August 28, 2009

The news about Feltham Community School and its GCSE results is brilliant.  The Head Teacher at this school has impressed a lot of people with her very clear commitment to turnaround and the highest academic and personal standards.  Well done to everyone and those young people have done well throughout the Borough.

I have not yet read a hard copy of the Chronicle but am aware of the latest on the FCA Building.  There are two people I wish to speak with, both of whom are on leave but there are two things that I find odd about the article:

a) No reference to the word “temporary” in the article and this word is important – see the actual application.

b) The claim that the plans for a skills centre have fallen by the wayside.  We have had bad news that we cannot proceed now but that does not mean that this location cannot be used for this purpose in the future.

Visit from David Willets MP

March 30, 2009

David Willets MP, the Shadow Secretary of State for Innovation, Universities and Skills, came to Feltham to listen to our concerns about the recent question mark over funding for a new skills centre in the Feltham area.  In attendance were me, Victoria Eadie (Head Teacher at Feltham Community College), Marjorie Semple (Principle West Thames College), Cllr Paul Lynch (Lead Member Children’s Services and Lifelong Learning) & Angela Rench (Officer from LBH).  We took a walk around the proposed site and had a very constructive discussion about the specific issues in Feltham.

This is the second time he has visited the constituency in as many years.  I am hugely grateful to him for his time – he offered some excellent advice!


L to R:  Mark Bowen, Victoria Eadie, Marjorie Semple, David Willets MP, Cllr Paul Lynch


Despite the acknowledgement that the footprint of the site has been a constraint, it does go further back than someone may expect when looking at it from the High Street.  I am pleased to hear of the college talking about further community benefit if this goes ahead e.g. voluntary groups, luncheon clubs etc.

No stone must be left unturned to achieve our goal of raising the profile of skills training in Feltham.

So much for the Front Page headline in last week’s Chronicle about us letting the site go to rot!

Feltham High Street

March 6, 2009

Yesterday morning, Cllr Barbara Reid (Lead Member for the Environment), Cllr Barbara Harris (Feltham West Councillor), an Officer from the Environment Department and I carried out an inspection of Feltham High Street.


I was extremely concerned about:

1) The issue of rats in the area, which had received coverage in the local press;

2) Fly-tipping at the former Feltham Community Association site;

3) A couple of complaints about the general condition of the High Street.

It was well worth the visit.  Number 2 has been cleared but I cannot find the picture I took.  Here are some pictures:

Work appeared to be taking place on the Longford River, for which the Rivers Authority are responsible:


The other side did not look too bad:


We then moved onto Bridge Pond.  Saw some litter on the way:


No idea what the following was about but Officers will enquire which firm/agency left things that way:


An example of some Rat Baiting around Bridge Pond:


Enquiries will be made about the next two, I think for obvious reasons:



In the alley next to New Chapel Square:


The graffiti will need to be removed.

From another angle:


Cllr Andrews will be pleased to hear about a new CCTV Camera going in:


The pond in the High Street looked in good shape in my view:



Some tagging:


The High Street itself did not look too bad in my view:



The following has already been reported: