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Land at rear of Hatton Green (even numbers) this morning

March 22, 2010

Someone has been tagging in the past couple of days.  Here are some pictures:

To pick up all of the above, I am afraid that it is not concentrated in one place so someone will need to walk throughout this bit of open space.

I also noticed that the fence was damaged in two places:

I will report this tagging and damage to the fence shortly.

Duke of Northumberland River (at Faggs Road)

March 22, 2010

Whilst out and about yesterday, a constituent showed me the river from Faggs Road (facing Hounslow direction).  The river looked ok but there is a problem with litter:

I will ask someone at the Council to get in touch with the Rivers Authority.

Feltham North 20/03/10

March 22, 2010

I did not get around as much as I would have liked to with the rain but did pick up a few things:

1) Graffiti

Outside Central Parade, Sparrow Farm Drive:

Opposite 12 Sparrow Farm Drive:

Next to 14 Green Man Lane:

2) Footways

I will ask for the following to be checked out opposite 135 The Drive:

3) Carriageways

Outside 14-24 Fern Grove:

50 Fern Grove:

155 Cygnet Avenue:

Between 16 and 45 Sparrow Farm Drive:

Outside 29 and 31 Sparrow Farm Drive:

Opposite 2 Sparrow Farm Drive:

On the more positive side, I remember looking at the following outside 42 to 58 Field Road a few years ago and it was very bad – now fine:

4) Central Parade, Sparrow Farm Drive

Other than the graffiti, things were looking good.  Bin had been emptied and frontage looked clean and tidy:

Outside 10 Central Parade:

5) Bin outside 24 Faggs Road

Looked full, which I found unusual with the other bins in this street looking empty:

6) Drainage

Overflowing outside 140 Faggs Road:

Will report things in the morning.

Faggs Road this morning

March 17, 2010

I thought I would take some pictures now that the road is back open.

And, the resurfacing looks very good:

I will report the following post being in the position that it is:

A sweep is required on the footway between the house called “Blenheim” and the Green Man Pub:

Faggs Road reopened

March 16, 2010

Great to see.  The bit that was previously closed off was quiet today which can be expected as some driver will not be aware.

More frustration on Faggs Road

March 12, 2010

I have received the following this morning:

“I was on site again yesterday evening to discuss these works because a third failure of the sewer has occurred and further repair work is now necessary. Unlike the previous two failures this one has not collapsed the pipe and there is a chance that Thames Water will be able to repair the pipe by patching it from the inside and avoid having to excavate down to it. Thames Water have also requested more time so that they can insert a lining into the pipe and try to avoid any more failures; I’m told that the existing pipe is so deteriorated that it is as fragile as rice paper.

The lining works will not take as much of the road as the excavations and so it will be possible to open the road to southbound traffic, this is traffic from Hatton Cross towards Feltham. The northbound traffic will remain on diversion along the causeway to make a left-turn onto the A30.

Should the patch and pipe lining works be successful then the road will be reopened to traffic on Tuesday 16 March. If not then we are looking at a new excavation and at least two more weeks of full road closure.”

I will continue to provide updates when I get them – good or bad.

Update on emergency works in Faggs Road

March 10, 2010

I made an enquiry yesterday about these as I was expecting completion on Monday.  Here is what I received this afternoon:

“additional repair work was identified on Thursday last week which resulted in a delay to the backfilling of the second excavation. I have been advised that the carriageway will be reinstated over the next two days and the road reopened sometime on Friday 12 March.”

Sounds like that communication was not received that would have been helpful.

In addition, two pictures from this morning.  First, I reported litter at the rear of the bus stop – now removed:

Hopefully it will not be a problem in the future with the bin (see other end of the bus stop):

Faggs Road this morning

March 8, 2010

On my way to work, I noticed the following post and sign fallen down near the junction with Armadale Road:

The footway has recently been swept as requested:

And, it looks like it should not take too long to complete the emergency works in Faggs Road:

Walk to Hatton Cross this morning

March 3, 2010

Picked up a few things this morning:

1) The condition of the pavements outside the shops in Harlington Road West again looked excellent and really clean.

2) Some tagging on the following utility box in Harlington Road West (near the traffic light on the junction with Staines Road):

3) Faggs Road being cleaned this morning:

The two men with their brushes and spades were doing an excellent job:

4) Tagging on bin at bus stop outside Tesco (opposite 70 Faggs Road)

5) Faggs Road allotments

I have been really pleased at the reduction in void plots on allotments in the West Area over the past couple of years.  The following looks good:

6) Sweep of pavement needed in Faggs Road (in between junction with Hatton Green and traffic lights)

It is possible that this maybe picked up today along with the other street cleaning going on in Faggs Road, but I will check.

Walk down Faggs Road this morning

March 1, 2010

Land at the rear of Hatton Green (even numbers)

I do love seeing this piece of land because it epitomises the massive increase in maintenance that open spaces in this Borough has received in the past couple of years.  When I first elected in 2002, this land was overgrowth and this continued for a number of years:

Emergency works in Faggs Road

It was impossible to capture how deep they have gone.

Litter behind bus stop

I have reported this previously and the litter was removed.  It was a shame to see the state behind the busstop on Faggs Road today.  It is located on the bend opposite the entrance to Hatton Road:

What kind of person throws litter generally but especially into places like this?