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Excellent response from Hounslow Highways

February 12, 2013

Yesterday, I reported a massive carriageway defect on Faggs Road (reference 1259974).  I was pleasantly surprised to see this morning that there had been very prompt action and also received the following email:

“Thank you for reporting the defect on Faggs Road, located near the junction of Steam Farm Lane. An inspection of the location was carried out on the 11/02/2013 and two defects were identified which met our intervention levels. Because of the severity and the location of these potholes, a 1 hour callout to make safe was made to our maintenance team. The permanent repairs will hopefully be carried out within 28 days, this may be longer though because Thames Water have temporary traffic signals set up in the area and we cannot set up our traffic management in the same vicinity.”

However, I have reported two more this morning, near Super Singhs Pizza and opposite the Green Man pub (reference 1260217).  I hope that the response is as efficient.

Latest on works at Faggs Road

February 8, 2013

I received the following on 31 January:

“We are about to grant 3 weeks extension to the contractor to complete the works by Friday 22nd February 2013, subject to 7 days working.

We do not expect the work to continue beyond the 22nd Feb.”

Return of works at Faggs Road

January 8, 2013

I have received the following today:

“The sewer repairs works will commence tomorrow and will continue for a period of 6 weeks. We have asked the contractor to work seven days a week to get the work done sooner.

Our Area Highways Inspector will monitor progress.”

Faggs Road roadworks update

December 18, 2012

The works are clearly taking longer than originally advised.  I have made enquiries and received the following today:

“The sewer repair works have stopped temporary due to engineering difficulty with ground water ingress.

As a result, a site meeting has been arranged for Friday 21 December 2012 at 10am to agree alternative solution.

I shall provide you with an update after the meeting on Friday.”

Road works in Faggs Road

November 27, 2012

This morning I made the following enquiry:

“There are works in Faggs Road at the moment (not far from the Green Man public house). The traffic was backed up beyond Tesco this morning. Please let me know the following:

  1. The reasons for these works?
  2. There were works in the same place within the past 3 years. Why the need for this outage again?
  3. By when the works will be complete?”

I received the following explanation this afternoon:

“Thames water is undertaking the works to reinstate a collapsed sewer.

The sewer is about 6 metre deep and it will take 2 days to excavate down to the pipe. The repairs and the carriageway reinstatement will take approximately two weeks to complete.

We have asked the contractor to sign the works properly and place warning signs at strategic locations to warn road users of delays to traffic flows. Works will take place 7 days a week and the lights will be manned during peak hours.”

Lining works at busy junction

September 27, 2012

A couple of months ago, I was requested by a couple to make enquiries about the markings on the junction of Staines Road/Harlington Road West/Faggs Road.

I received the following pictures from TfL yesterday:

The only bit outstanding are the two arrows next to the box junction that indicate where drivers turning right from Staines Road to Faggs Road or Harlington Road West need to be.  I have written to TfL about this.

Works in Faggs Road

October 28, 2011

Further to the previous thread, I have today received a response to the query I made about Faggs Road:

“National Grid Gas is renewing the mains in Faggs Road due to the winter gas demand pressures and Tfl as the highway authority for the road has been liaising with all the stakeholders to ensure that the works are carried out with minimum delays to the travelling public. The liaison with stake holders is important given the complications and delays associated with the recent gas leak further south.

The benefit of completing as much of the work as possible during the half term period was a key factor in the closure of the bus lane (in lane 1) during inter-peak hours.

The contractors are expected to work off peak from 09.30 to 15.30 and return the bus lane to normal use during the peak period. We are not certain that Tfl have cameras in the vicinity to ensure that the contractor will return the road to normal use by 3.30pm each weekday. As a result, the Tfl inspector will monitor the site.

The works are in 3 phases:

Phase 1 has been completed

Phase 2 – is the current ongoing Works in the footway on the Bridge, requiring a closure of the bus lane (lane 1) during inter-peak hours.

Phase 3 – Works in the Carriageway between the bridge and Staines Road, this may require a closure of lane 1 over night. These works have not commenced yet. Phase 3 night works will not occur every night, but TfL will expect some evening works to be carried out to expedite the works.

The contractor has informed Tfl that the residents and the businesses in the area have been notified of the works and that it will take 3 weeks to complete.

To conclude, Tfl, National Grid and the Council will have to ensure in the future that courtesy boards with the appropriate information about what is taking place on site, are sited in prominent locations. Also, ensure that the contractor will have workers on site during the agreed working period.”


I will post again if there is any update.

Things picked up in the past couple of days

April 21, 2010

1) Graffiti

Outside 10a Stourton Road, Hanworth:

Outside 30 North Hyde Lane, Heston:

491 Staines Road, Bedfont:

Near 1 Heston Grange Lane:

83 Staines Road, Feltham:

295 Staines Road, Feltham:

Outside shop on Cassiobury Avenue and Staines Road junction:

2) Utility box in The Croft (near junction with North Hyde Lane):

3) Heston Park

Looking at it from the other side but yet another example of them being on top of grass cutting:

4) Highways

The edge of the carriageway in The Alders, Hanworth is bad in many places.  Here is an example outside 21-29:

92 The Alders:

Near shop on Cassiobury Road & Staines Road junction:

5) Flytipping

Burns Avenue/Harlington Road West junction and between 129 & 131 Harlington Road West:

6) Blocked drain near 40 Faggs Road:

Will report the above, where appropriate later this morning.

07/04/2010 and 08/04/2010 things picked up

April 8, 2010

Picked up the following:

1) Faggs Road

At the junction with Staines Road (side of shop on corner), there needs to be good sweep:

Opposite number 12:

2) Graffiti on Bedfont Lane

On utility box ear Frank Towell Court:

3) Utility Box in Lansbury Avenue

Looks like an interim job?

Will report where relevant shortly.

Then onto Hatton Cross

March 22, 2010

Picked up a few more.  This sign opposite 12 Green Man Lane does not look straight:

The following drain on Faggs Road (near Blenheim) is very blocked:

Great to see such a good job being done cleaning in Faggs Road:

Will report the drain shortly.  It looks like it has not received much attention in a while.