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Statement of Persons Nominated (General Election)

April 20, 2010

Here it is.  My initial reaction is:

  1. Three of the ten candidates live in this constituency;
  2. There were only seven candidates last time and I think that three of those lived in the constituency;
  3. I am surprised to see no English Democrat candidate as one was predicted and the man who was named lives in the constituency – Roger Cooper is still named as a candidate on their website;
  4. Three of the candidates live in the Twickenham constituency;
  5. The only candidates to have worked the entire constituency thus far has been Elizabeth Anstis (her election address has gone out), Alan Keen (lots of national stuff that would have gone out in other constituencies) and I;
  6. Elizabeth Anstis fought this seat last time, as I did.  Her and I got on very well at a personal level;
  7. My choice is the second candidate on the list and I think that he can win 😉