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Latest on Electoral Calculus

October 7, 2009

Not that different to the findings published a few days ago by PoliticsHome but Electoral Calculus is currently predicting that I will be 2% short of beating Labour at the next General Election.

An interesting development is that each seat now has a status in terms of whether the voters can really influence matters.  The status of Feltham and Heston is: “This seat is not safe and voters have a real say on their MP”.

Headline of this posting is that nothing has changed and every single vote will count in Feltham & Heston at the next General Election.

Here is a link to the information published by PoliticsHome the other day.

Latest on Electoral Calculus

May 6, 2009

Nothing changes,  Feltham & Heston will be very close at the next General Election.  Here is the latest on the above website.

Latest from Electoral Calculus

March 9, 2009

Electoral Calculus is predicting a 1.71% majority for Labour at the next election. All to play for and maybe it explains why Labour are putting out desperate leaflets referring to the streets not being cleaned and showing one picture where they have not even stated where this land is? I am interested to know whether any of the Local (I assume Labour) Councillors has reported the matter and have a reference number to show for it?

Latest from Electoral Calculus

September 29, 2008

The latest is that they are predicting a Labour Hold with a majority of 1.40%.  I think that this will go back and forward.  I just need to keep getting out the message on how effective Conservatives have been locally, how Feltham and Heston needs a local MP and just how important it is that Labour are kicked out of office.

Electoral Calculus

June 9, 2008

I am not getting carried away (I never have with these) but the current polls look very good for the Conservative Party but not so good for Labour.

Electoral Calculus predicts the results of the next General Election, assuming that an election were held tomorrow and that such a swing were universal.  It is currently predicting a Conservative gain in Feltham & Heston with a majority of 0.48% – so the current indications are that this seat will be one of the hardest fought.

I know I have a lot of hard work ahead of me and I am well up for the challenge.  Clearly I am going to have to prove myself to the good residents locally.  No amount of wind or coat-tail will be strong enough on its own.