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Eldridge House

November 15, 2010

Just been informed via a comment on another thread that the demolishion work has begun to the above today.  I think that most residents will welcome the progress here.

Eldridge House

September 8, 2010

At the beginning of the previous month, I received a number of emails etc about Eldrige House, including about the fact that the building is currently occupied by squatters.  As most will know, this was previously a Council owned building that was sold at auction (same time as 102 Hounslow Road).

I received the following from Housing at the middle of last month:

“Eldridge House was previously owned by London Borough of Hounslow until March 2009, when the Council sold it to GCH Limited, Hatfield Road, St Albans, Hertfordshire, AL1 4TB

In April 2009, GCH Limited submitted a planning application for the demolition of the existing building and the erection of a new two-part, three-storey, 60 bed care home.  The Council approved the application in September 2009 and since that date the property has been boarded up.

I visited the site on 17 August 2010, and can confirm that squatters have gained entry into one of the buildings. I wrote to the owners on 18 August 2010 informing them of the situation and requesting a response, as it is their responsibility to maintain the safety and security of the site.

I also requested a brief schedule of works, including an approximate timeframe for commencement and completion of rebuilding works and when they expect the property to be occupied and brought back to use.

The Council does not have powers to evict squatters from premises.   Also, the planning approval is for a commercial property.”

I received the following from planning at the end of last month:

“This planning application has been granted planning permission subject to a legal agreement being signed.  Officers and the applicants have been in negotiations relating to the details of the legal agreement since the decision was made, but have now reached agreement.  The legal agreement is in the process of being drafted up by our legal team.
My discussions with the applicants suggest that they intend to start building work as soon as they have the full permission – we estimate that the legal agreement will be signed by the end of September.”

The above offers the best chance of removing some of the recent problems.

Heston House Launch

March 5, 2010

I went to the above in Vicarage Farm Road during lunchtime today.  One other building has been vacated and works have been carried out here.  I was impressed with the fresh look of the place.  I went along with Councillor Pam Fisher, a trusted friend and colleague.  She can look back at the past four years with a great deal of pride.  A real Champion of those needing Adult Social Care whilst at the same time being very business like and never shirking the decisions needed to cater for future needs whilst striving for value for money.  Without exception, when she has been asked questions in the Chamber, she has been outstanding.

Even today, she took the time to speak with residents and listened carefully to both positive and negative feedback.  One gentleman was less positive and I know that Pam took note and has already followed through by taking these concerns to the right people.

Here are some pictures.  The first couple are of facilities for a hairdresser who comes in regularly to see clients:

One of the communal restrooms, which not only looked clean but is designed in a way that will make it easier to keep clean:

A communal area and small kitchen:


The following captures the extension:

I did not visit the following:

Here is Councillor Fisher about to say a few words to residents, staff and guests – the Mayor went afterwards:

One of the unplanned elements of the visit was a walk around the part of the building where the majority of former Eldridge House (formerly off Hounslow Road) residents now live.  I did not take many pictures but was pleased to see that everyone was happy and settled.  I took a picture of the planned activities:

I am thoroughly glad that I went along and hope to visit again in the future.  I was very impressed and continue to admire the people who work in this area.

Entrance to former Eldridge House

December 14, 2009

The above could do with a visit – general sweep a litter pick.  Here are some pics: