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Last Saturday in Hounslow West and Heston

October 12, 2009

Last Saturday morning, I saw the following opposite 3c Martindale Road, Hounslow:


Still no change in Dawn Close (junction with Martindale Road):


On 1 October, I received the following update:
“Photo no 3 it is an electrical feeder pillar with no identification on the cabinet. We have forwarded this to our Street Works Manager to establish the ownership of the this apparatus.  Once the ownwership is established we shall forward it to the relevant Statutory Authority for necessary action.”

The following was in Heston Road near the entrance to St Leonard’s Church.  It looks like there was once a bin but now only the remains of that bin and some litter.  Will see if this can be replaced?


Walk along Bath Road yesterday

August 28, 2009

I had a meeting over lunch in Hounslow West.  I walked to the High Street from there and thought I would take some pictures on my way.

The first two were taken on the junction of Martindale Road and Bath Road:



The first of the two above is dangerous and I hope that the second can be tidied up a bit.

The following was taken in Dawn Close on the junction with Martindale Road.   I had previously reported this so will be asking why it remains in this condition:


The following was taken outside 269 Bath Road.  These amount of bags do not look very pleasant.  I will find out whether there is a schedule for collecting these and whether it was appropriate for them to be here on a Thursday afternoon?


I then saw the following a few feet away and this sign needs to be repaired:


 The following dip in the footway was taken outside 195 and 197 Bath Road:


A lot cleaner as the numbers got lower:



I do not think that a diversion was in place so uncertain why this sign was in Bath Road?


And, the clutter of estate agent signs near the junction with Steve Biko Way continues – also very bad on the junction of Hibernia Way and Staines Road, Hounslow and near Hollygrove Close:


Will report each of the above.

A few pics from a morning out in Hounslow West

June 27, 2009

As always a few things to report.  First, the drain gulley in Trinity Close (junction of Cambridge Road) could be tidied up:


This bin on Cambridge Road (junction with Selwyn Close) looks rather full – will check the schedule for emptying it out (same applies for bin in Cambridge Road junction with Martindale Road):


The following flytip is in Clare Road:


And the following was in Dawn Close (junction with Martindale Road):