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A horrible time for British Politics

May 12, 2009

and, indeed, for me as a Conservative!

Ever since I have been active in the Party, the perception that friends and other associates have of our party has bothered me.  I have never accepted that most in the Party are rich, snobs, out of touch etc.  The Conservatives in Hounslow are living proof of this.

I was hugely embarrassed by the stories in the Telegraph earlier today.  Some of the claims mentioned simply look incredibly out of touch to most people.

Whilst in my pursuit of getting Alan Keen to explain why he needs a second property to fulfil his role, I have genuinely been less interested in what goes on in other constituencies.  This episode clearly changes those feelings for this is hugely damaging and do not wish to defend any of the claims mentioned.

The big saving grace for me today was the Leader, David Cameron.  Leadership at its best.  I agree with other bloggers that any Leader would have been annoyed had they been in his shoes today.

A busy and emotional week

February 28, 2009

For the first time, I paid the Feltham Young Offenders Institute a visit this week.  I am really glad that I did.  I visited with Mary Macloed & Chris Grayling.  Had a very interesting chat with the Deputy Governor and some of his colleagues.  Got to see the work areas and visited a couple of the empty cells.  I even bumped into someone I had not seen since University who was doing some work connected to his job.

Like Millions of people, I was very sorry to hear about the loss of David Cameron’s son, Ivan.  I can think of nothing worse than losing a child and my heart goes out to him.

Been busy with the day job, sat in on an appointments panel at the Council, attended Executive and attended a surgery in Sparrow Farm.

Wales lost in the rugby last night but I watched a programme after it about Ray Gravell (please note that this will disappear in a few days) – very, very emotional and the song that was written by/for him is lovely.  For anyone who likes rugby, I would recommend watching it.

Day 4

October 1, 2008

For the first time I got to sit on the stage when a speech was made by the Leader.  A great experience that I will always remember.  A most appropriate speech that clearly went down well in the Theatre.

I will also remember meeting many other candidates, five of whom give excellent short introductions.  My favourite of those five was from Shaun Bailey, who is Parliamantary Candidate in Hammersmith.  John Bell was also very enjoyable.

Conservative Conference so far!

September 29, 2008

Arrived yesterday.  Pleasant drive to Birmingham, except all the [necessary] diversions around Broad street.

There was a change of agenda on the first day and we got to listen to a speech from David Cameron, plus some discussions between George Osborne and a range of people impacted by the current economic crisis.

I went to my first fringe meeting last night and it was about the future of Scotland and the Union.  A majority of people present – unlike those on the panel – clearly wished that we could go back to the post Scotland Act settlement.

Not been to anything yet today but I did hear that the Theresa Villiers has announced that there will be no third runway during a Conservative tenure in Government.  Not read the detail yet but my only concern would be if the party claims that there is no economic argument in favour of expansion.

Will update later – there are only 5 internet terminals here and there is a big line behind me.

Samuel Coates

July 17, 2008

Many congratulations to Feltham resident, Sam Coates, on this news.

I have not known Sam a very long time but it did not take long for Sam to really impress me and others in the area.  A hugely unassuming and polite chap who is passionate and caring about the issues.

He has so much to offer and will be a huge asset for David Cameron.

Congrats Sam!