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Meadowbank Gardens, Cranford

October 18, 2009

I met up with some residents from the above street yesterday.  The street has recently been resurfaced using the Micro-Asphalt method.    When I drove into the street off Clevedon Gardens, it looks good.

What a majority of the street needs more than anything else is a good sweep as there are lots of loose chippings in part.

Here are some pictures.  The first is taken near numbers 112 to 116:


The following manhole cover outside 104 has been covered.  This surely must be a mistake?


I noticed that the following bollard had been marked out outside 110.  I will ask by when it will be repaired?


Here is me with a few residents looking at the carraigeway:

IMAGE_682I will report this to the relevant team.

Visit to Cranford – including Beavers – on 20 June

June 21, 2009

Out and about for political, rather than Council, related reasons.  It is fair to say that there were mixed responses.  That visit alone would have hit home for anyone, in the unlikely event that nothing had thus far, just how much damage the MPs expenses has caused.  If I were to become the MP for Feltham and Heston, the scale of the task in trying to restore faith is massive.  It will probably be no different for any other MP after the next General Election.  For me, there is a mixture of anger and saddness that things have got this bad.

Things also remain bad with the parade of shops in Beavers.  I have already posted twice about this location on my blog.  Here is the latest:







I agree with those residents who stated that the above conditions are totally unacceptable.  Where the Council has a locus to interfere, I will do all that I can to secure action and there has been some thus far.  Where it is found that the Council does not have a legal remit, I will ponder on that and consider it something any MP would have to determine whether it is simply to be regretted or whether it is an example of the need for some legislative change?  A report of the above will be made first thing in the morning.

The postive news for me – a bit like when I last posted about Beavers – is:

  • the issue of overgrowth outside surestart (next door) was being resolved through the Community Payback team on the day;
  • The Estate run by Places for People is hugely impressive to me.  The grass verges are probably the best maintained for any Council Estate or area run by a Registered Social Landlord that I have seen;
  • Some other excellent facilites (see below)

There are other reasons for being optimistic.  The facilities at the local primary school are also second to none as is the building in the second picture below.  The first picture is another of one of the grass verges



Would like to know when the following was painted.  I am not generall into art but even I can tell that those involved are very talented.  I know that the Feltham and Heston Conservative Association Chairman, Tony Viney, will be pleased at the historical references.


One very nice man gave me permission to take a picture of something he had set up in his front garden:


There will be some more things that I will report.  First, some tagging (same building):



The following was fly tipped in Chinchilla Drive – not sure if this is a matter for Places for People or the Council but I will find out:


Park Lane and Avenue Park, Cranford

June 14, 2009

I received an invitation to attend the relatively new Mosque in Cranford last Friday and was made to feel very welcome indeed.  I was joined by Syed Kamall MEP.

I spoke to a number of people about issues for the Mosque and in Cranford more generally.  Afterwards, I went out for a walk to take a look.   One of the issues was for those people who walked to the Mosque from work or from their homes.  The issue for pedestrians did appear to be worse when in the Hillingdon part of the street (the picture is taken in the Hounslow bit).   I will discuss this with someone I know in that Borough:


These were taken opposite the entrance to the Mosque:



These two were taken in Avenue Park itself.  It is amazing how many of these Open Spaces that we have in the Borough and I am so pleased that there has been such a major improvement in the past year in terms of maintenance.  However, I will ask about this bin and if it is fit for purpose and being emptied enough?