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Latest on Cllr Virk

May 19, 2009

He has a new seat in the Chamber, suggesting that he has either been suspended from the Labour Group or expelled.  No statement has been released by the Labour Group, suggesting that this is not a huge priority for them.

Will be interested in knowing the decision.

Councillor Jiwan Virk

May 13, 2009

Councillor Jiwan Virk, who has been mentioned on this blog previously, was in Brentford Magistrates Court this week.  The reason was for not complying with an enforcement notice (see item 29 for more info) against him.  Here is a link to the original report.

The outcome was that he was fined £1000 and ordered to pay costs of £2958 and a victim surcharge of £15.

He is a terrible example to others.  I think about the things that Labour Members have said about the Council’s tough stance on planning breaches over the past couple of years (again, posted about previously on the blog) and await their response to this with interest.  Suspending him previously for just 4 months was inadequate.  Far from me to interfere in the politics of the Labour Party but they need to decide (quickly) the extent to which they wish to disassociate themselves from such behaviour from someone who has the role of determining whether enforcement notices should be served against others.

How will Councillor Jagdish Sharma now respond?  Any of the following perhaps?

1. Jiwan Virk has brought shame on himself and the Labour Group.  We are going to expel him and call on him to resign as a Councillor.  In retrospect, we accept that the previous 4 month suspension was inadequate.

2. The Labour Group Officers will look into this.

3. Possibly he [Jiwan Virk] should have known better.

4. Mark Bowen and the Tories are responsible for interfering in this matter.

5. Jiwan is a good man and has already paid a high enough price.

Any other suggested responses from the Labour Group Leader?

Update:  The news has hit the papers.  It was tongue in cheek when I guessed number 4.  Councillor Virk has actually gone on record as stating that this is the case.

I am back (really)!

September 5, 2008

I do not remember an August where I was able to recharge batteries like this one.  I enjoyed my time in New York, Cayman and the Principality.  I hope to do better with the blog now that August is out of the way.

As much as I love living in Feltham, I was standing on the beach in Ferryside, West Wales at one point recently and taking in the natural beauty.  This picture does not really do it justice:

Since I last posted on the blog, a few things have happened:

The Democrat and Republican Conventions

I think that this is a very exciting election indeed.  I still believe that McCain will win and I am impressed with his choice for running mate.  I have watched some of the coverage of the Republican Convention and some speeches were wonderful – my favourite was from Governor Mike Huckabee!  I want to quote one thing he said:

“I’m not a Republican because I grew up rich, but because I didn’t want to spend the rest of my life poor, waiting for the government to rescue me.”

I recall the one of the ads in the primaries.  I loved it – only in America, as they say:


Feltham Arena

Whilst I was away, I did receive calls expressing concern about the loss of trees at the rear of Shaftesbury Avenue and the amount of lorries going down Shakespeare Avenue.

I spent a couple of hours down there earlier today.  The Stand is now down:

This was partly covered in the Chronicle.

The Olympics

Well Done Britain and well done China who hosted a great games!  London has a lot to live up to.  Of course, I was not a supporter of London’s Bid originally but now that the Olympics are coming in 2012, I really want it to be a success.  I will be interested to see if China succeed where so many other Olympic cities have failed in having a lasting healthy legacy.  That is something that must be cracked in London.

Football Season

I managed to catch one game so far – Swansea vs Hull in the Carling Cup – and it was brilliant.  A great game of football and Swansea now play Cardiff in the next round.  I am hoping that Wales and England win their respective games this weekend.

Welsh Assembly

Even in my Socialist Youth, I was opposed to the establishment of this so I was pleased to read about a group that will be formed to campaign against further powers.  It remains a scandal for me that this was created with the support of 25% of the electorate.

Councillor Jiwan Virk

The Labour Group on the Council have suspended him for four months.  I will comment further when I know whether any other action will be taken against him.

“Labour slum flats scandal”

July 19, 2008

Read all about it!

Wonder if Labour intend to make the findings of their Group Officers public?

The latest on Planning Enforcement!

July 15, 2008

There was the latest Sustainable Development Committee meeting last night.  Take a look at agenda item 19 – 73 Basildene Road.

It is a Councillor who owns the property!  And, this is the type of breach that causes most residents the most concern.

Any guesses at what the explanation will be from the Councillor and that Councillor’s Leader?  Unaware of the rules perhaps?  Witch hunt from the Tories perhaps?

More on this later….