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Executive Meeting on 8 September

September 13, 2009

Quite a long agenda after a month off from these meetings.  Some headlines:

NI 195d of this report should be headline news.  It is the first time – possibly since this indicator was ever created – that the status is green.  For me, this shows the huge impact that there has been on graffiti removal over the past year.

I moved an amendment to agenda item 10.  The amendment is included on the above agenda.  Whilst the decision is ultimately with TfL, I really hope that we can get a zebra crossing at Feltham Hill Infant and Nursery School.  I will post further on the blog when we know.  We will certainly now be bidding for the money and I was very grateful to my colleague, Barbara Reid, for accepting my amendment.  Feltham West Councillor, Barbara Harris, has been concerned about this safety issue for a while.

Last night’s Borough Council Meeting

June 24, 2009

Here was the agenda.

I answered the question in item 11 as Councillor Reid was away.   It was a highly appropriate question from my ward colleague, Gill Hutchison.  The property in Bedfont Lane is in our ward and I was truly horrified at the decision of the Planning Inspector so was only too willing to answer the question. I know that residents in the area will be horrified – I just hope that they know that it is not down to the Local Planning Authority.

Items 13 & 14 were motions proposed by members of the Conservative Group. The other motion was withdrawn as an appeal to the decision taken by the Magistrates Court has been made. With regards to item 13, if ever was an appropriate time to lose ones temper that was it.  What we exposed was clearly false and those accused expressed no shame, they did not even try to justify the comments and preferred to focus on red herrings.  On agenda item 14, the Labour Group had no interest in making a coherent argument, not that I expected one!


March 18, 2009

This week I am away with the family in the Cayman Islands (where my wife is from originally).  Anyone who knows me will tell you that I have terrible withdrawl symptons when not using email so I have been checking (less frequently than usual) thus far.  The main issues being raised with me is the unacceptable performance of the recycling service in the past couple of weeks.  It is a problem throughout the Borough and I know that the Lead Member, Barbara Reid, is working very very hard to address the matter.  This article is interesting.

If you have a missed collection, it is terribly important that you report it here.

What has amazed me whilst in the Cayman Islands is just how much recycling is in its infancy.  Even the glass bottles are not recycled.

Feltham High Street

March 6, 2009

Yesterday morning, Cllr Barbara Reid (Lead Member for the Environment), Cllr Barbara Harris (Feltham West Councillor), an Officer from the Environment Department and I carried out an inspection of Feltham High Street.


I was extremely concerned about:

1) The issue of rats in the area, which had received coverage in the local press;

2) Fly-tipping at the former Feltham Community Association site;

3) A couple of complaints about the general condition of the High Street.

It was well worth the visit.  Number 2 has been cleared but I cannot find the picture I took.  Here are some pictures:

Work appeared to be taking place on the Longford River, for which the Rivers Authority are responsible:


The other side did not look too bad:


We then moved onto Bridge Pond.  Saw some litter on the way:


No idea what the following was about but Officers will enquire which firm/agency left things that way:


An example of some Rat Baiting around Bridge Pond:


Enquiries will be made about the next two, I think for obvious reasons:



In the alley next to New Chapel Square:


The graffiti will need to be removed.

From another angle:


Cllr Andrews will be pleased to hear about a new CCTV Camera going in:


The pond in the High Street looked in good shape in my view:



Some tagging:


The High Street itself did not look too bad in my view:



The following has already been reported:



Councillor Peter Carey – Honourary Freeman of the Borough

June 25, 2008

This is worth a posting in its own right.  One of the two items on the second agenda referred to in the previous post was to confer the above title to Peter Carey.  A very proud moment for the Conservative Group.  We now have two Freemen within our Group as Barbara Reid was bestowed with this last year.

I did not say anything about him during the tributes as the time was very late and everyone was very tired.

I would have made the point that the vast majority of Councillors become Councillors for one or both of the following reasons:

  1. They wish to serve residents;
  2. They wish to advance the cause of their political party, community group, independent group etc.

I feel that my commitment to the Council (as distinct from the above) grown stronger since being in administration.  However, and whilst Peter Carey is hugely committed to residents in his ward and to the Conservatives in the Borough, I always felt with Peter that unusual deliberate sense of responsibility and interest in the Council as a Corporate Body even when we were in opposition.  He was always asking about how the Council do better.

Of course, I am not saying all opposition Councillors do not care about the Council but I am confident that most Council colleagues will understand the point I am trying to make.