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Thank you Feltham North

May 7, 2010

I, along with Allan and Gill, have been returned to represent the wonderful people of Feltham North on the Council for the next four years.  Here is the result.  Generally,  Labour are doing very well.

Thank you Feltham North!

Update: Labour have regained control of the Council.  Conservatives have 25 Councillors and Labour have 35.

Last night’s Executive

June 10, 2009

A good agenda.

Agenda item 5 was presented by me.  Before that, my ward colleague, Allan Wilson, presented a report (item 4) and his passion for the subject and personal imprint on the work came through.  Most residents would not see or hear about work like this, but it is terribly important to me!

Also, there were three new Executive Members – Councillors Jon Hardy (Housing), Rebecca Stewart (Leisure) & Robert Oulds (Education).  Each of them presented a report and did a great job and they are great additions.  Notwithstanding that, I will miss the contributions at Executive of three really good friends – Councillors Adrian Lee, Paul Lynch & Phil Andrews.  Each of them are different and offered heck of a lot!

Very hopeful on Feltham Park

August 14, 2008

Councillors Hutchison, Wilson and I attended an inspection of Feltham Park and Poets Corner on Tuesday.  With regards to the latter, we have lift off (well, some maintenance):

 With regards to Feltham Park, my views are as follows:

  • I have already seen a big improvement with the level of litter picking.  I take this view because I always see less litter (and broken glass) than before;
  • Some defects in the childrens’ play area (that I recently reported) have been made safe;
  • The tagging on the equipment (that I recently reported) in the childrens’ play area has been removed;
  • Some paths in the park are not ideal (but I expect that there are worst examples in other parks- the worst in Feltham Park was removed a few years ago);
  • There are still bits of overgrowth in and around the park that are untidy;
  • The pond, whilst not quite as bad as before, remains the Achilles heal of the park

With regards to the last three, I accept that these need time and my expectation is that there will be big improvements 12 months from now.  There is a real opportunity with the Winter Maintenance Programme!

Here is the picture of the pond on Tuesday:

It is the green surface that bothers post people.  It is clearly not as great or thick as before but I really hope that this will be maintained weekly and we will eventually have a clear pond.  The lifebuoy and other appartaus being in the pond remains a problem.

It will take time but as far as Feltham North goes, there has been a decent start on the part of Laing and Continental.  I am very optimistic about the future of the parks and open spaces in Feltham North.