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Update on Victoria Gardens

November 11, 2010

To his credit, Councillor Alan Barber has, in his capacity as a member of the Sustainable Development Committee, called-in this and one other decision made by the Heston and Cranford Area Committee.
Here is a link to the agenda.  See agenda items 8 & 9.  It remains to be seen what SDC will decide but the call-in is the right thing to do.

No answers to my questions from Councillor Cadbury yet.  Instead, an exchange on something irrelevant that I can not share as it relates to content written by someone else.  Lets hope she answers my questions.

Further update

And, here is a further update:

I looked for a comment from one of the Labour Councillors and here is what I read:

“However, Councillor Rajinder Bath defended the decision, insisting the committee should be free to overrule officers’ recommendations when they felt it was appropriate. “I heard the arguments and made up my mind on the night,” he told the Chronicle.”

So which argument was it that convinced him that aerial photographs were not the overriding factor when deciding whether something was immune from enforcement action?

No comment from Councillor Ruth Cadbury.

Banana Republic?

September 21, 2010

Expected the unexpected in Hounslow Politics.  We called this special meeting for good reasons.  There were major items that had not been debated and it important that this happens.

As soon as the meeting began, Hanworth Councillor, Alan Barber, moved that the meeting be adjourned indefinitely.  I knew that the Labour Group lacked calibre and a desire to answer questions but did not expect this.

Anyone who reads the agenda, especially item 4 may understand why Labour does not want this debated?