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Final Reflection of Conference

October 6, 2008

On the positive side:

  1. Loved Birmingham.  What a fantastic city that is both modern and packed with heritage!
  2. Lots of interesting stalls!
  3. Some of the best fringe meetings I have been to!
  4. Got to sit on the stage during the Leader’s speech!
  5. Managed to get a hotel that was a couple of minutes walk from the ICC!

On the less positive side:

  1. A lack of capacity in the main hall and many of the rooms being used for fringe meetings;
  2. Only wine, juice or water was server during the London Reception evening.  I am a beer drinker and do wish these events would remember minorities in this case

Very much looking forward to Manchester next year.

Day 4

October 1, 2008

For the first time I got to sit on the stage when a speech was made by the Leader.  A great experience that I will always remember.  A most appropriate speech that clearly went down well in the Theatre.

I will also remember meeting many other candidates, five of whom give excellent short introductions.  My favourite of those five was from Shaun Bailey, who is Parliamantary Candidate in Hammersmith.  John Bell was also very enjoyable.

Day 3

September 30, 2008

I tried to go to the debate organised by The Sun on the broken society but it was totally packed and could not get in.  It is a shame as there were some interesting people on the panel, including Cherie Blair.

So far I have walked around some of the stalls and may pop into the Main Hall for the debate on Welfare at around 2:30pm.

Update: Could not get into the Hall so walked around the stalls some more and got a photograph taken that will be used on official websites in the future.

Conservative Conference so far!

September 29, 2008

Arrived yesterday.  Pleasant drive to Birmingham, except all the [necessary] diversions around Broad street.

There was a change of agenda on the first day and we got to listen to a speech from David Cameron, plus some discussions between George Osborne and a range of people impacted by the current economic crisis.

I went to my first fringe meeting last night and it was about the future of Scotland and the Union.  A majority of people present – unlike those on the panel – clearly wished that we could go back to the post Scotland Act settlement.

Not been to anything yet today but I did hear that the Theresa Villiers has announced that there will be no third runway during a Conservative tenure in Government.  Not read the detail yet but my only concern would be if the party claims that there is no economic argument in favour of expansion.

Will update later – there are only 5 internet terminals here and there is a big line behind me.