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Back where I belong

October 9, 2009

I had a great conference and, as indicated in previous postings, I really loved Manchester.  But it is great to be back in Feltham North with my family.

Here are some pics from the Conference.  The following view of Old Trafford was not far from my hotel:


Here is a statue of Sir Matt Busby.  I took this on my to the first Fringe event:


The famous Munich clock:


Here is Tim Montgomerie addressing that ConservativeHome fringe meeting:


Not in focus but here is me looking out onto the pitch at Old Trafford:


This was the Kids Count fringe that I mentioned the other day:


The following was a meeting of all candidates with the Chief Whip:


Outside the GMEX on a very rainy day (I got soaked):


Here is Damien Green MP and I.  I am showing him that front page article in the Feltham Chronicle:


Me being given advanced preview of the video that was filmed in our Borough:


A view I had in the Conference Hall on Wednesday morning:



The Journalist, Quentin Letts from Mail, holding a bottle of Champagne.  I wonder why?


And, finally, here is my view of the speech – not possible to get into the main hall:


Intellectually brilliant fringe meeting

October 6, 2009

I attended the ‘How to solve the fiscal crisis and where to cut public spending’ fringe meeting earlier this afternoon.  Amongst the Speakers were:

Ruth Lea, Economic Adviser – Arbuthnot Banking Group (Chair); Matthew Elliott, Chief Executive – The TaxPayers’ Alliance; Graeme Leach, Chief Economist and Director of Policy – Institute of Directors

The standard was immense and these were people who really know their stuff.  I had never seen or heard of Graeme Leach before but he is someone who knows how to explain incredibly difficult concepts in simple terms and that is easier said than done.

One thing is clear is that the next Conservative Government is going to inherit a real mess – possibly one of the worst economic legacies ever?

Damien Green MP

October 6, 2009

I had a brief discussion with him earlier this afternoon.  I will comment further later in the week.

Yesterday and today at Conference

October 6, 2009

Yesterday I attended a very moving but constructive fringe meeting on ‘Stopping the Conveyer belt to crime – protecting our young people and responding to youth crime and violence’.  One of those on the panel was Barry Mizen whose son, Jimmy, was murdered last year.  I was very close to tears when listening to what happened.  Barry and his wife have done some amazing work over the past year and both had excellent suggestions for the future.  James Brokenshire MP also spoke and if we become the Government next year, I really think that he will make a difference.

I also attended the ‘Are the Political Parties failing the voters’.  I probably disagreed with as much of what I heard as with what I agreed with.

I met with representatives of the FTA and we discussed some issues that were relevant to businesses in Feltham & Heston.

I popped into the Welsh Conservative reception in the early evening and later on the Chairman’s reception and then Candidates reception.  Biggest difficulty I have at these is that I do not like wine and cannot drink Orange Juice.  I prefer a good pint of Real Ale.

It was good to catch up with Rene Kinzett and Gurcharan Singh.

This morning I attended a meeting of all selected candidates with the Chief Whip of the Parliamentary Party.

Manchester Conference so far

October 5, 2009

First time here and what a lovely city.  Last night, I went to Old Trafford for a drinks reception (only water for me as I do not like Champagne).  It is a massive stadium and I took a few pics which I will put on the blog later in the week.  PoliticsHome talked about a massive polling exercise that they had carried out in various constituencies.  They predict that I was narrowly fail to win Feltham & Heston next year.  This demonstrates two things – (1) I need to prove people wrong and (2) whatever polls say, Feltham & Heston will be very close indeed.

I am hoping to meet up with Rene Kinzett tonight.  He and I have gone in opposite directions – he was born in Feltham and is now a Councillor in Swansea.  I was born in neighbouring Llanelli and, of course, Feltham is my home.  He is a former Lib-Dem and I was in the Labour Party in my youth.  I look forward to see him, especially as he continues to take a big interest in Feltham.

Off to Conference today

October 4, 2009

Off to Euston for a train to Manchester later this morning.  I expect to see lots of other Conservatives heading up to Conference from there.   Looking forward to it but need to get a few things done first, one of which is a first draft response to this.  Sadly was  not given the chance to comment as part of the article.

Lets hope that the trains are running well today!