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Question Time

October 15, 2009

Like the author of this article, I reluctantly agree that it is right to allow the Leader of the BNP representative to appear on Question Time.  He may have been elected as an MEP via an unfair electoral system but elected he was nonetheless.  The question of the article is who should the Conservatives put up?  My initial choice was David Davis but I also think that the likes of William Hague, James Cleverly, James Brokenshire, Baroness Warsi & Chris Heaton-Harris would do a good job.

If there is one point that the Conservative on the panel should press, beyond the advice given by Conservative Home, is that we are only in this position of having to give the BNP such a platform because Labour have completely cocked things up over controlling immigration and by creating such a sense of resentment and frustration amongst a number of white working class people (and some lower middle class people too) in some parts of the country, especially through the way that New Labour behaved between 1997 & 2001 towards anyone who expressed concern about the scale of immigration into this country [remember their frequent references to other playing the ‘Race Card’].

My friend and colleague, Phil Andrews, takes a different view to me on this but he does make a fair point about the format of Question Time.  He said:

“the argument that Griffin is being allowed onto this programme so that others can discredit his arguments frankly doesn’t wash, the format of the programme will not permit this to happen and the more likely outcome of this new fascist-friendly strategy, which the BBC would appear to be spearheading, is that people will start to view the BNP as just another mainstream party with a valid, if controversial political platform.”

I share his concern about the format of the programme.  However, the Leader of the BNP is an elected politician and I understand the difficult position of the BBC.  Had I been in the Labour Party, I would have chosen to put up John Reid or Frank Field.

As Tim Montgomerie says on his posting, panellists should avoid being seen to gang up on the Leader of the BNP but for those of us who are passionate about good race relations in this country, I hope that they really expose him and his party.

Update: Baroness Warsi will be representing the Conservatives on the panel – a good choice!

Norwich North

July 19, 2009

I spent the day in Norwich earlier today helping the party and its candidate, Chloe Smith, in advance of Thursday’s by-election.  I went along on a bus organised by Conservative Home.

On the way, there we watched House of Cards.   I have honestly never seen it before – wow, it was good!

When we arrived, we were welcomed by Theresa May MP.


Then the candidate said a few words:


Here was the base for the day:


One of the things I looked out for was (1) whether there were many posters? etc and (2) which party had the most?  I think that the honest answer is (1) not really and (2) Each party had some and it depended on the part of the constituency.  Here is a Labour one:


A Conservative one:


Labour again:


And, a Green Party one:


I saw a few for UKIP and Lib-Dems also.

At the end, the Party Chairman, Eric Pickles MP,  said a few words of thanks.  I was sitting behind him:


Not sure what to make of the latest attempt of the Labour Party to secure victory?  No, I am sure – it is nuts!

Statements from some Conservative candidates

May 21, 2009

I had a read of this earlier today.  I have sent comments of my own in.  They are as follows:

As one of the London Parliamentary Candidates, I know that there is one issue that has stood out, long before the Telegraph became involved in the way that they have recently.  That issue is London Members of Parliament being able to acquire a second property funded, either fully or partly, by the taxpayer.

The most important single commitment I wish to make to my prospective constituents in Feltham & Heston is that I would continue to live in my constituency and not require a second property, even if the rules allow it.  There is no justification of any kind for a London MP needing a publicly funded second property.

I was on the platform at the 2005 count in Feltham & Heston, along with the then victor, Alan Keen, who promised to explain why he needed a second property in order to enable him to fulfil his role.  It was only this week that we heard from him.  Much of the article will horrify most people, including Labour supporters:

Here is the bit that will offend most hardworking people:

Mr Keen has pledged to stand his ground and argued that it would be impossible for him to do his work and make the 30 minute commute every day.

“People may say they commute into London but there are not many people who work from early in the morning to very late at night every day. It is a very unusual culture,” he said. “It seems unreasonable to some people but they don’t understand the house is active every night of every day, irrespective of whether there are votes.”

If elected, I will commute to Parliament from either Feltham Train Station or Hatton Cross Tube Station.  If the House sits very late and public transport has finished, then nothing wrong with a taxi to get me home to my family in Feltham!

I have always taken the view that no person should go short for dedicating themselves to public service and I would only claim for any legitimate expenses incurred as a result of being the MP.

Finally, the first four bullet points on Ben Jones list are ones I am already supportive of and committed to.

Mark Bowen

Conservative Parliamentary Candidate in Feltham & Heston


October 21, 2008

Samuel Coates

July 17, 2008

Many congratulations to Feltham resident, Sam Coates, on this news.

I have not known Sam a very long time but it did not take long for Sam to really impress me and others in the area.  A hugely unassuming and polite chap who is passionate and caring about the issues.

He has so much to offer and will be a huge asset for David Cameron.

Congrats Sam!

Climate Change Bill

June 10, 2008

There was a very interesting debate I caught on BBC Parliament yesterday about the above.  Andrew Tyrie MP made a very interesting contribution.  I always enjoy thought provoking contributions and I tend to welcome people who question consensus, even if that merely confirms that the consensus is sound.

Conservative Home have covered this MP’s contribution.  It is well worth reading as is his entire speech.

In terms of where I stand, I like things that are “green”, especially when there is also of an economic benefit too!  This is certainly not my area of expertise nor am I well read in the subject but I will continue to listen to both sides of the argument.

Nice for us to get a mention

March 9, 2008

I was really pleased to just read that we have had an acknowledgement on the Centre Right page on the Conservative Home website.

As I keep saying, no longer is Hounslow the forgotten Borough in London.