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Two local articles from last week

January 20, 2010

Here are a couple of stories where I was asked for comment last week:

Attempt to return Messrs Chatt & Ellar to the Council
The Regional Labour Party has decided that the above should be candidates at the local elections in the Cranford & Hounslow Heath wards respectively.  I wonder whether Mr Ellar recalls me predicting (wrongly) that he would chicken run before the 2006 from Hanworth Park to Hounslow Heath?  At least now, I am only wrong on the timing.
My view is that these two wards, especially Cranford, will be more interesting than in a generation.  Labour will not be able to take it for granted and they are wrong if they think that either of these are safe.
It is pretty well known that I am not great pals with either of the above but I make no apology for remaining appalled by what I saw during their times as Leader of the Council between 2002 & 2006.  The Borough Council Meetings at the time were a shambles whereby the majority of Executive Members were unable to answer legitimate questions put to them.  The amount of things we [as an administration] have turned around since also highlights that the legacy we inherited was not great (lots more things to improve for the next administration but the legacy they will inherit is, on the whole, is a very good one and brilliant in some cases).  This all makes these two wards even more important when the campaign gets underway.

My view on the promotions of booze in pubs
I have commented on this issue previously so this will not surprise too many people.

I forgot to share this with you!

December 15, 2009

I forgot to share with readers of this blog comments that were issued to the local press by the former Leader of the Council and former Hanworth Park Councillor, Colin Ellar, in relation to my latest glossy leaflet that has already been delivered in the majority of Feltham & Heston (it has gone out in Feltham North over the past few days):

“It seemed to have similarities with the kind of horrid nonsense put out by parties such as the BNP. The surplus of union jack flags on it and the central message of the need to get tough on immigration would certainly have un-nerved several of my neighbours, who I am sure feel vulnerable when one of the major political parties starts to spout needless anti-immigration rhetoric. Furthermore, the leaflet seems to demonstrate little political logic as putting out such provocative publications across areas like Heston and Hounslow must be counterproductive where many people are from families resulting from historic immigration. Perhaps Mr. Bowen should reflect on how nasty and divisive this approach can make him appear to many of the residents in the multi ethnic area that he hopes to represent.”

Apart from being out of touch with people in Heston & Hounslow on this issue, he is even out of touch with the Cabinet who have an idea that trying to shut down debate on immigration is not the best way to maintain good race relations.

It says a lot about the man (the one who was Leader when the Council did not see it as a no brainer to fly the St George flag during St George’s day) that he thinks having the UK flag on my literature twice is surplus.

How some Labour supporters must despair at the calibre of people that their Party offers in this Borough!