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Walk from Clements Court to Salisbury Road

March 18, 2010

Picked up some things on my way.

1) Graffiti

On Green Lane (near junction with Staines Road):

Green Lane (near junction with Lawrence Road):

On Green Lane (opposite junction with Amberley Walk) – two bits of signage:

On Green Lane (opposite Virgin Atlantic Logistics):

On Salisbury Road (side of 210 Beavers Lane):

2) Litter

Behind the bus stop (opposite 6 Salisbury Road):

On Salisbury Road (side of 210 Beavers Lane):

Opposite that there is litter behind the other bus stop:

3) Damaged traffic bollard

Outside Beavers pub (Beavers Lane and Salisbury Road junction):

4) Footway opposite Virgin Atlantic Logistics

Seems to be being dealt with already:

Will report tomorrow!

Clements Court this morning

March 18, 2010

I got to have a good walk around Clements Court this morning:

On the whole, looked very good:

Some nice new turf being laid:

A lot of land at rear – cannot be sure but part of it could be an allotment?

And, I was pleased to read the following:

The estate looked in good condition.   Nothing picked up worthy of reporting, except the following to Highways:

The above is located at Clements Court (near the junction with Green Lane).  Will report this.