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March 7, 2010

On streetlight in Castle Way (opposite junction with Queens Way):

Outside 2 Castle Way:

Signage opposite entrance to Tudor Court:

Will report in the morning.

Hanworth Park 04/03/10

March 5, 2010

Some things to report.

1) Dumped fridges

In Shakespeare Way (near junction with Sunbury Way) and in Queens Way (near the junction with Castle Way):

2) Graffiti

On the traffic cones outside 1 Sunbury Way:

41 Parkfield Road:

Cleves, Raleigh Way:

Deerhurst Close (near junction with Sycamore Close):

Not sure if anyone will be able to access this but this was on the junction of Elmwood Avenue and Felthambrook Way:

At the side of the shops in Fernside Avenue:

Opposite 25 Elmwood Avenue:

Opposite 29 Ludlow Road:

Opposite 3 Clifton Avenue:

Near 1 Shakespeare Way:

3) Blocked drain gullies

Outside 4 & 11 Sunbury Way:

4) Streetsigns

Queens Avenue and Elizabeth Way needs a clean:

Shakespeare Way needs to be straightened:

Blakewood Close needs to be turned a bit:

As does the one for Deerhurst Close:

I will report each of the above in the morning.