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Picked up over the past couple of days

April 25, 2010

1) Highways

Outside 56 Bulstrode Road:

Outside 126 Bulstrode Avenue:

142 Cambridge Road:

Cambridge Close (near the junction with Cambridge Road):

Opposite 101 Armytage Road (not certain if this is for Highways or Hounslow Homes):

2) Flytipping outside 39 Bulstrode Road

Will report tomorrow morning.

Hounslow West last Saturday

November 15, 2009

Out delivering my latest leaflet and was on the look out for things to report.  The first picture was taken outside 96 Cambridge Close.  A spring was there an hour or two later:


The following was taken in Cambridge Road (on the junction with Selwyn Close).  I thought that the bin was meant to have been emptied on a Friday so will ask (i) whether that is the case and, if it is, (ii) why it is so full on a Saturday morning?


The following tagging and bags on the footway was near 30 Clare Road:


I met a couple of nice people in Cranbrook Road who pointed out that a tree outside number 37 had not been cut back, despite the next tree being cut back.   I will ask the relevant team to look into it:


The following was opposite 18 & 20 Bowness Drive.  The footway needs some attention:


The following was also on Bowness Drive.  The door has come off:


The Trinity Close sign needs to be tidied up:


Tagging on the sign at the rear of 3 Logan Close:


The following was taken from outside 3 Logan Close.  Some weeds that need to be tidied up and in the distance some bags been dumped:


And, some tagging on the streetlight outside 7 Logan Close:


Will report all of the above in the morning.