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Ponds in Feltham (other than Feltham Park)

February 25, 2010

I keep my eye on the one in Feltham Park almost daily.  It is looking good.

Pond on Feltham High Street

I took a walk down Feltham High Street earlier today and the pond on the High Street looked really nice overall.  Here are some pics:

Still have two things to report.  First is the graffiti by the perimeter of the pond:

And, there was a problem with some litter and other debris at the edge of just one part:

Bridge Pond

This is looking much, much better.  I know that my colleague, Becky Stewart, was on to this.  Glad to see the improvements:

Feltham Park was probably the biggest problem in the past, especially in the first couple of years in my time as a Councillor.  But, as things stand, things are looking better with all ponds.  It is good to see because when well maintained I think that they add real value to the area.

Will report the couple of issues tomorrow.

Feltham High Street

March 6, 2009

Yesterday morning, Cllr Barbara Reid (Lead Member for the Environment), Cllr Barbara Harris (Feltham West Councillor), an Officer from the Environment Department and I carried out an inspection of Feltham High Street.


I was extremely concerned about:

1) The issue of rats in the area, which had received coverage in the local press;

2) Fly-tipping at the former Feltham Community Association site;

3) A couple of complaints about the general condition of the High Street.

It was well worth the visit.  Number 2 has been cleared but I cannot find the picture I took.  Here are some pictures:

Work appeared to be taking place on the Longford River, for which the Rivers Authority are responsible:


The other side did not look too bad:


We then moved onto Bridge Pond.  Saw some litter on the way:


No idea what the following was about but Officers will enquire which firm/agency left things that way:


An example of some Rat Baiting around Bridge Pond:


Enquiries will be made about the next two, I think for obvious reasons:



In the alley next to New Chapel Square:


The graffiti will need to be removed.

From another angle:


Cllr Andrews will be pleased to hear about a new CCTV Camera going in:


The pond in the High Street looked in good shape in my view:



Some tagging:


The High Street itself did not look too bad in my view:



The following has already been reported: