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Beavers Parade

June 30, 2012

It has been a few months since I have been to the above.  I went there today to the excellent cafe and was delighted to see that the car park has been resurfaced.  I think that this will make a massive difference.

Here is a picture of the carpark from earlier today:

Excellent news but there continues to be a major problem and the side of the parade was especially bad.

I very much hope that the local Councillors are taking an interest in this.  Clearly some excellent news but it is important that people on the Beavers and their representatives report any issues.  In the meantime, I will report this on Monday.

Beavers Campaign HQ

December 9, 2011

One of many highlights thus far is the choice of our Campaign HQ on the Beavers Estate.  When I was a candidate previously, I probably spent more time on issues here than anywhere outside of Feltham North.  The place is a lot more bouyant than those who have not been to the area for while realise.  There are many businesses in the area from those hosted in the Vista Centre to the BA Engineering & Distribution Centre, the excellent cafe at the parade and the new medical centre.

In the past I had concerns about the carpark and the litter at the side of the parade.  Since the previous General Election, I did report things when I saw them but not as frequently as then.  Here is what I saw yesterday:

I will report to the relevant department at the Council.

Visit to Beavers

November 15, 2010

I treated my father and son to lunch at a cafe on the Beavers Estate last Saturday, having not been to the area for a few months.  I was keen to see what the car park looked like, having reported problems so many times in the past.

On the positive side, it was not as bad as previous visits but there is clearly work to be done:

Not as bad as before but a few things to report now.

Meadows/Places for People

March 19, 2010

I met a nice man earlier who stressed that the area we were in was the Meadows and not the Beavers.  I am happy to take his word for it.

I have previously praised the standard of Estate Management by Places for People.  It looked excellent yesterday and I saw some work that will improve things further:

On Raccoon Way:

The last of the above looks like it is going to be a lovely play area for children.  This is an area where there has in my view been a major improvement over the past couple of years.

Couple of things to report:

1) Bent sign on Marmot Road (junction with Vincent Road)

2) Tagging near 60 Chinchilla Drive

3) Tagging at Health Centre (Chinchilla Drive)

Will report in the morning.

Latest on shops on Salisbury Road

March 19, 2010

Remains a problem.  Lots of litter and inappropriate disposal of refuse:

Will report the following tagging:

And this one:

No idea why this remains a problem.  I will report and ask whether one of the bins could be placed here?

As the following indicates, one of the bins is empty:

Will report later today!

Walk from Clements Court to Salisbury Road

March 18, 2010

Picked up some things on my way.

1) Graffiti

On Green Lane (near junction with Staines Road):

Green Lane (near junction with Lawrence Road):

On Green Lane (opposite junction with Amberley Walk) – two bits of signage:

On Green Lane (opposite Virgin Atlantic Logistics):

On Salisbury Road (side of 210 Beavers Lane):

2) Litter

Behind the bus stop (opposite 6 Salisbury Road):

On Salisbury Road (side of 210 Beavers Lane):

Opposite that there is litter behind the other bus stop:

3) Damaged traffic bollard

Outside Beavers pub (Beavers Lane and Salisbury Road junction):

4) Footway opposite Virgin Atlantic Logistics

Seems to be being dealt with already:

Will report tomorrow!

Clements Court this morning

March 18, 2010

I got to have a good walk around Clements Court this morning:

On the whole, looked very good:

Some nice new turf being laid:

A lot of land at rear – cannot be sure but part of it could be an allotment?

And, I was pleased to read the following:

The estate looked in good condition.   Nothing picked up worthy of reporting, except the following to Highways:

The above is located at Clements Court (near the junction with Green Lane).  Will report this.

Beavers yesterday

February 19, 2010

Getting something done around the area of the shops is certainly on the ‘top 10’ things I want to happen.  I will not let go of the batton on this one.  The main gripe from my visit yesterday was the refuse.  Bins have been provided yet the problem still seems to exist.  The first two pictures are taken next to the Pharmacist:

The following were empty:

And, here is the other side:

And, here is the carpark:

The rubbish will be reported shortly.

Latest on the Beavers Estate

December 4, 2009

The Leader and I spent the morning together visiting three parts of the Borough before meeting an IIP (Investors in People) Inspector.  One of the places I was keen to show him was the area around the parade of shops on the Beavers Estate.  I also showed him the Estate managed by Places for People and the building that occupies Surestart and the library.

The place has a lot going for it and we were both impressed with what we saw.  The area around the shops remains a big problem.  Here is some of the latest.  The first is above the shops:

The following two pictures are outside the shops:

And, finally the following bins were quite full at the rear of Opossum Way and I do not think that they should be on a Thursday.   Maybe another bin is required?

I will report all of the above.

With regards to the area around the shop (the carpark continues to be in an unacceptable state), there is some movement and my next checkpoint will be the middle of next month.

Update in Beavers

November 20, 2009

I recently reported an unacceptable accumulation of rubbish (it was posted on the blog).  Here is the latest: