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Previous couple of days (things picked up)

May 2, 2010

As I intended originally months and months ago, I will looking out for things until the end of the campaign (and beyond).  Here is some more:

1) Highways

A dip in the footway outside 27-29 Westminster Close, Feltham:

An open cabinet outside 44 Waterloo Close:

2) Vandalised bin

Outside 780 Bath Road, Cranford:

3) Graffiti

On Westmacott Drive (near junction with Beattie Close):

Will report on Tuesday.

Chris Grayling

April 29, 2010

The Shadow Home Secretary, Chris Grayling, visited St Marks Catholic School and took Questions and Answers from the students.  I honestly thoroughly enjoyed it.  We had a very interesting discussion on electoral reform and Chris Grayling made some points.  One of the students then tested me on where Greencroft Road is located.  Fortunately, I was able to answer straight away.  He also asked me for my views on the Third runway and I stated that I supported Party Policy!

Here is Chris answering questions:

Hounslow West 14/04/10

April 15, 2010

I noticed the following outside 282 Bath Road earlier today:

This does not look anywhere, least of all shopping parades.  I will find out when this will be removed and what the causes of these were likely to be?

Cranford (things to report) 27/03/2010

March 28, 2010

1) Graffiti

Outside 17 High Street, Cranford:

Alley next between 79 and 81 High Street, Cranford:

Near 675 Bath Road:

Outside 717 Bath Road:

Outside 719 Bath Road:

Outside 723 Bath Road:

Bin on The Avenue but on junction with Lynchen Close:

Opposite 50 Firs Drive:

On Bath Road (near junction with The Avenue) and opposite 718 Bath Road:

On Firs Drive (opposite junction with Pine Tree Close):

Avenue Crescent:

2) Highways

Outside 52 Avenue Cresent:

Outside 57 High Street:

103 Firs Drive:

81 High Street (previously reported):

Pine Tree junction with Firs Drive:

At entrance to Avenue Gardens (I saw one parent with a push chair not have a smooth entrance onto the pavement):

3) Leaning signs

Outside 81 Firs Drive:

Lynchen Close:

4) Blocked Drain

On The Avenue and near the junction with Avenue Gardens:

5) Flytip/Bags out early

Outside 723 Bath Road:

Will report all of the above in the morning.

Aston Estate 25/03/10

March 26, 2010

Picked up quite a bit yesterday.

1) Highways

Outside 13-18 Rectory Road:

Could trip over this outside 25 Stansfield Road:

532 to 540 Bath Road:

568 to 582 Bath Road:

Opposite 1-6 Rectory Road:

2) Graffiti

Near 1a Windsor Road:

Near 20 Windsor Road:

Outside 71 Stansfield Road:

Opposite 24 Stansfield Road:

The alley next to 582 Bath Road:

3) Damaged Utility Box

Near 26 Stansfield Road:

4) Open Space and Park

As is so often the case in this Borough, looks very very good:

Lovely play equipment again, free from tagging (atleast I could not find any).

5) Great South West Road

I like what has been done to the grassed areas:

6) Flytipping/Bags out early

Near 5 Windsor Road:

Will report, where relevant, later today.

Hounslow West yesterday lunchtime

March 26, 2010

Saw three examples of too many black bags, two of which are captured here:

Less clutter – looking much better

March 1, 2010

I noted the following yesterday:

There had previously been a major problem with large amount of Estate Agent signs at this location in Bath Road (near junction with Steve Biko Way) – now there is just one.  It makes for a much better streetscene.

Bath Road (mainly) yesterday

January 31, 2010

The following is outside 273 Bath Road:

The above is something that has been reported before but will do so again.  The bags out early is a tough nut to crack.

The following is outside 242 Bath Road:

The sign to St. Paul’s Close (off Bath Road) has been knocked over:

I will report each of the above in the morning.

Back to Bath Road

September 5, 2009

I did not take a similar walk to the recent one but I was keen to see if there had been progress in two areas.  No progress in Dawn Close and I am not thrilled to see the following outside number 269:


I saw the above condition last Wednesday evening and my thought at the time was that the rubbish I previously saw was still there but had furniture added to it.  Here are some more:



I will report the above first thing on Monday morning.  I would not accept this kind of state in Feltham North and do not think it should happen elsewhere either.

The following is refuse out on footway outside Noel Court:


Walk along Bath Road yesterday

August 28, 2009

I had a meeting over lunch in Hounslow West.  I walked to the High Street from there and thought I would take some pictures on my way.

The first two were taken on the junction of Martindale Road and Bath Road:



The first of the two above is dangerous and I hope that the second can be tidied up a bit.

The following was taken in Dawn Close on the junction with Martindale Road.   I had previously reported this so will be asking why it remains in this condition:


The following was taken outside 269 Bath Road.  These amount of bags do not look very pleasant.  I will find out whether there is a schedule for collecting these and whether it was appropriate for them to be here on a Thursday afternoon?


I then saw the following a few feet away and this sign needs to be repaired:


 The following dip in the footway was taken outside 195 and 197 Bath Road:


A lot cleaner as the numbers got lower:



I do not think that a diversion was in place so uncertain why this sign was in Bath Road?


And, the clutter of estate agent signs near the junction with Steve Biko Way continues – also very bad on the junction of Hibernia Way and Staines Road, Hounslow and near Hollygrove Close:


Will report each of the above.