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Yesterday and today at Conference

October 6, 2009

Yesterday I attended a very moving but constructive fringe meeting on ‘Stopping the Conveyer belt to crime – protecting our young people and responding to youth crime and violence’.  One of those on the panel was Barry Mizen whose son, Jimmy, was murdered last year.  I was very close to tears when listening to what happened.  Barry and his wife have done some amazing work over the past year and both had excellent suggestions for the future.  James Brokenshire MP also spoke and if we become the Government next year, I really think that he will make a difference.

I also attended the ‘Are the Political Parties failing the voters’.  I probably disagreed with as much of what I heard as with what I agreed with.

I met with representatives of the FTA and we discussed some issues that were relevant to businesses in Feltham & Heston.

I popped into the Welsh Conservative reception in the early evening and later on the Chairman’s reception and then Candidates reception.  Biggest difficulty I have at these is that I do not like wine and cannot drink Orange Juice.  I prefer a good pint of Real Ale.

It was good to catch up with Rene Kinzett and Gurcharan Singh.

This morning I attended a meeting of all selected candidates with the Chief Whip of the Parliamentary Party.