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Official Opening of Heart of Hounslow

February 25, 2010

I attended this earlier this afternoon.  I would say around 30 to 40 people were present, including Councillors Pam Fisher, John Todd, Brad Fisher, Paul Jabbal, Peta Vaught & Jagdish Sharma.

We received a number of presentations, a Q&A session and Ann Keen MP finished the event with a few words.  I enjoyed her speech.

Keen’s mentioned in today’s Daily Express, Daily Mail & Times

May 26, 2008

I have not said much about this controversy but here is an article today’s Express, an article in today’s Mail and an article in the Times.  Any others today?

At the General Election count in 2005, Alan Keen did say he would provide an explanation for the second property in Covent Garden. Other than saying he complies with the rules, he has not said anything.