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Country Way

June 20, 2012

I received the following this morning:

“I see that you try to get action on the filth, litter and graffiti that blights our lives.  Some photos of what I have to put up with when going to Thames Water site at Kempton.  I took these in the winter and whilst the rubbish is not so visible at this time, it is still there.  The location is A316 Country Way and the two lay bys.  The footpath/cycle path all along the West side of Country Way is also a graffiti ridden, littered cess pit.  It could be so nice with the Portlane Brook running along the side of it.  Grateful for anything you can do.”

I have been given permission to use the email that was sent, including the pictures.  They are:

I reported the matter this morning and the reference number is 007713.