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World Cup bid

December 2, 2010

As anyone who knows me or reads what I have said in the past will know, I was opposed to the bid for the London 2012 Olympic Games – my main concerns being over cost and legacy (but really want it to be a success).

I have far less concerns about the World Cup bid and got my fingers crossed that England will win today.

West Ham to save Olympic Legacy?

January 19, 2010

As readers may already know (because I have plugged it a few times before), I was the only Conservative candidate at the 2005 General Election to oppose London’s bid for the Olympic Games.  Since we were successful in the bid, I have maintained I really want it to be a success.  I have also maintained throughout – in agreement with the biggest advocates at the time of the bid – the Olympics should be judged on Legacy.  This could manifest itself in terms of more people participating in sport but there is also the question of facilities and what happens afterwards – just look at most Cities that have hosted the games to see where things have fallen down before.

I listed to an interesting interview on TalkSport this morning with one of the new owners of West Ham, David Gold.  A great interview and I would be very optimistic were I a hammers fan as Messrs Gold & Sullivan had such a great record at Birmingham.  But one of the things that stood out was the ambition to take the Olympic stadium, maintaining the 80,000 capacity with the clear aim of becoming ‘The Peoples Club’ and charging a quid for kids and £3 for OAPs.  It sounds very exciting and I will watch this with interest.

My view remains that the best way to deliver on legacy in relation to the Olympic Stadium is through football.  I will watch this one with interest.  Wonder what the West Ham supporter, and my favourite blogger, Iain Dale, thinks?

Three years to go

July 27, 2009

Three years to go until the 2012 Olympics.  I passed the site recently when on the bus to Norwich North.  Looks like things are really taking shape.   As I have said on the blog previously, and it was well known before the blog was created, I was opposed to London’s bid for the games (before the bid was successful) but throughout I agreed strongly with the advocates of winning the games that it is all about legacy.  I see that in two aspects:

  1. I want to see more people, especially girls and young women participating in sport;
  2. I want the facilities built to be viable and sustainable.

I confess that I have to hold my nose to references from this article such as,

“A Herculean effort by everyone on the 2012 project, from the planners to the construction workers, means we are ahead of schedule and on budget.”

As someone who works within the Project Management world, I understand why those involved in the running of the project can say that, but I think that Politicians should be careful.  The original bid was for something like a quarter of the current budget.