Excellent response from Hounslow Highways

Yesterday, I reported a massive carriageway defect on Faggs Road (reference 1259974).  I was pleasantly surprised to see this morning that there had been very prompt action and also received the following email:

“Thank you for reporting the defect on Faggs Road, located near the junction of Steam Farm Lane. An inspection of the location was carried out on the 11/02/2013 and two defects were identified which met our intervention levels. Because of the severity and the location of these potholes, a 1 hour callout to make safe was made to our maintenance team. The permanent repairs will hopefully be carried out within 28 days, this may be longer though because Thames Water have temporary traffic signals set up in the area and we cannot set up our traffic management in the same vicinity.”

However, I have reported two more this morning, near Super Singhs Pizza and opposite the Green Man pub (reference 1260217).  I hope that the response is as efficient.

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    I see that there are several potholes on the Harlington Road West and as yet there seems to be no action on the road gullies although a gully sucker was seen in the Assembly Hall “swimming pool” the other day! Roger Griffiths Walsham Road


    • Mark Bowen Says:

      Dear Mr Griffiths,

      Thank you for your comment. I emailed you last week and have reported the gullies to TFL. The last record I have about this goes back about one year.

      Councillor Bowen

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