Feltham Arena Carpark

On 7 January, I wrote to enquire as to when the Feltham Arena car park would be cleared as it had previously been indicated that this would happen.  I received the following last week:

“With reference to Feltham Arena name Shakespeare Avenue car park you are quite right in saying that we are in the process of acquiring fixed price quotation for these works.

The Christmas break has delayed the return of these but I anticipate they will be with me by the end of the month. An anticipated start for the works to be during the 2nd week of February.

I will confirm a start date when I have it.”

If I am not aware of this being done by 16 February, I will chase the matter again.

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2 Responses to “Feltham Arena Carpark”

  1. Matt Early Says:

    Any latest?

    • Mark Bowen Says:

      As of yet, nothing yet but will be taking a look for myself on Thursday. I wrote to the relevant department last week to ask for an update but yet received anything.

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