Road works in Faggs Road

This morning I made the following enquiry:

“There are works in Faggs Road at the moment (not far from the Green Man public house). The traffic was backed up beyond Tesco this morning. Please let me know the following:

  1. The reasons for these works?
  2. There were works in the same place within the past 3 years. Why the need for this outage again?
  3. By when the works will be complete?”

I received the following explanation this afternoon:

“Thames water is undertaking the works to reinstate a collapsed sewer.

The sewer is about 6 metre deep and it will take 2 days to excavate down to the pipe. The repairs and the carriageway reinstatement will take approximately two weeks to complete.

We have asked the contractor to sign the works properly and place warning signs at strategic locations to warn road users of delays to traffic flows. Works will take place 7 days a week and the lights will be manned during peak hours.”

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2 Responses to “Road works in Faggs Road”

  1. Sheila Horsnell Says:

    This information is most definitely not accurate. As I work overlooking the roadworks I can advise that there is no activity there today, there was no work happening over the weekend as I am local and pass this way daily. There was also very little activity at the end of last week.
    I believe we are now in our fourth week of “work” not two as you were advised. This causes gross inconvenience for the workers on our estate as we can only turn right and get to/from our location is a nightmare with the additional traffic this is causing.
    They really need to get this sorted and bring us back to normality.

    • Mark Bowen Says:

      Thank you for your posting. I share your concerns and have made enquiries about why there is a lack of progress. I have just posted a new page on this blog.

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