£100k Feltham Arenas Master Plan

I welcome this probable decision being taken next week.  See here.

My hope that it is possible to produce a scheme that learns lessons from the past 15/20 years, including the past few, is welcomed by residents and is self financing, as per my previous posting about Feltham Arena.

On a related matter, I heard that lorries were recently visiting the Arena and there were queries raised on one of the facebook groups.  I have today been informed:

“With reference to your enquiry regarding lorries removing topsoil from the site. I can confirm that it was agreed with the developer to remove the type 1 stone from the site but not top soil.

We will be installing new security measures i.e. extra bollards and repairs to all gates and barriers as from the 7th November 2012, which will ensure the safety and security of the site.”

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6 Responses to “£100k Feltham Arenas Master Plan”

  1. Mark james Mcaleese Says:

    Dear Mr Bowen

    The link does not work

    You say that it has been agreed with local residents. This blog is the first we have heard about this. As usual the locals have not been consulted

    Thank you for letting us know about the works being done on the security. As we have heard nothing since I asked you about it quite a while ago.

    [Allegation removed as this blog is not the most appropriate place in which to place it]

    • Mark Bowen Says:

      Mr McAleese,

      “The link does not work”

      Thank you for pointing that out. Now fixed.

      “You say that it has been agreed with local residents.”

      Where did I say that?

      “As we have heard nothing since I asked you about it quite a while ago.”

      Now that I have an update, I am sharing it.

      “[Allegation removed as this blog is not the most appropriate place in which to place it]”

      As you will see I have removed a claim made, which you have made elsewhere, as such claims are better placed elsewhere rather than on a blog.

      Councillor Bowen

      • Mark james Mcaleese Says:

        My mistake. It read welcomed by local residents. Still rubbish. As we were not consulted on the new plans.
        I’m in contact with te local MP, and this is the first the residents have heard about this new thing.

      • Mark Bowen Says:

        Yes, I was referring to a scheme being produced that was welcomed by residents. I am not referring to anything that has already happened. I did not say what you are claiming.

        In short, my reading is that there is no plan to consult on but £100k will result in this being produced.

  2. Mark James McAleese Says:

    Now the link works, what you have been saying make more sense, before the link worked, it made no sense at all.
    Do you know what might be built/developed on the site? Is there any plans or indications that it would be made into a livable site???

    • Mark Bowen Says:

      Mr McAleese,

      As far as I am aware, there is nothing on the table. The investment made will hopefully lay the foundations of having something to put before residents and Councillors.

      Councillor Bowen

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