Recent walk around Glebelands

Amongst those who attended last week were representatives of the Police, Payback team, London Fire brigade & Council.  The purpose of the session was to identify specific issues that are contributing a crime and ASB.

We started at an area that I have previously mentioned on the blog before, namely the end of the alley near New Road.

One thing mooted was radically cutting the hedges down.  Were this to happen, I did ask whether ecological issues would be considered.  If you have any feedback, please let me know.

I was pleased to hear that responsibility was not far more clear for this area and again reported the overgrowth around the streetlight:

Whilst not relevant to the purpose of the session, the grass cutting at the Glebelands continues to be excellent:

Various apparatus that no longer serve any purpose will be removed.  For example:

Summary of actions:

  • Cost up the removal of the hedge (alleyway leading to Feltham BR Station)
  • Determine who owns Boundary fence to the opposite side of riverway for graffiti removal
  • Removal of 2x sports cages
  • Removal of container within the running track
  • Various Visibility-Splays

The actions will be reviewed next month.

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