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£100k Feltham Arenas Master Plan

October 31, 2012

I welcome this probable decision being taken next week.  See here.

My hope that it is possible to produce a scheme that learns lessons from the past 15/20 years, including the past few, is welcomed by residents and is self financing, as per my previous posting about Feltham Arena.

On a related matter, I heard that lorries were recently visiting the Arena and there were queries raised on one of the facebook groups.  I have today been informed:

“With reference to your enquiry regarding lorries removing topsoil from the site. I can confirm that it was agreed with the developer to remove the type 1 stone from the site but not top soil.

We will be installing new security measures i.e. extra bollards and repairs to all gates and barriers as from the 7th November 2012, which will ensure the safety and security of the site.”

Lansbury Avenue carriageway

October 29, 2012

Two postings ago, I referred to a schedule of highways works.  I queried why the road in Lansbury Avenue was not to receive attention within the period in question.

Good news is that I have since received the following:

“I have double checked with the Hounslow Highways team and they have informed me that they are now intending to do carriageway treatment works in Lansbury Avenue, Feltham in April 2013.”

Whilst it was not deemed a principle road in the past, I believe it one that is well used so the above is good news.

Land off Bedfont Lane

October 22, 2012

Earlier this month, I received the following in response to an enquiry I made regarding the future of the land off Bedfont Lane in which the Ex-Serviceman’s Club was located until recently:

“Following discussions earlier this year the representatives of the Feltham Ex-Serviceman’s Club intimated that they wished to surrender the club back to the Council. My team ensured a smooth and successful handover process over the last few months; one of the main priorities was noted and actioned as to ensuring the security and integrity of the asset whilst consideration of future utilisation of the building was undertaken.
As you have noted below, the security measures, now in place, give assurance against possible fly tipping and possible vandalism; however no specific future use has yet been identified for the property, although consideration of its utilisation within the wider Council asset portfolio is being undertaken.
I will ensure that you are kept informed of any proposals for the utilisation or otherwise of the former club.”

The Feltham North Councillors have held a surgery at this venue every second Wednesday of the month (except October) since 2002.  We have replaced that with the Feltham Assembly Hall but the time has slightly changed and is now 7pm to 8:30pm.

Is your street listed?

October 18, 2012

At tonight’s West Area Meeting there will be a report on the Highways Program for 2013.  Here is the agenda.  The additional document in agenda item 2 lists the various streets in the West Area of the Borough.

Recent walk around Glebelands

October 18, 2012

Amongst those who attended last week were representatives of the Police, Payback team, London Fire brigade & Council.  The purpose of the session was to identify specific issues that are contributing a crime and ASB.

We started at an area that I have previously mentioned on the blog before, namely the end of the alley near New Road.

One thing mooted was radically cutting the hedges down.  Were this to happen, I did ask whether ecological issues would be considered.  If you have any feedback, please let me know.

I was pleased to hear that responsibility was not far more clear for this area and again reported the overgrowth around the streetlight:

Whilst not relevant to the purpose of the session, the grass cutting at the Glebelands continues to be excellent:

Various apparatus that no longer serve any purpose will be removed.  For example:

Summary of actions:

  • Cost up the removal of the hedge (alleyway leading to Feltham BR Station)
  • Determine who owns Boundary fence to the opposite side of riverway for graffiti removal
  • Removal of 2x sports cages
  • Removal of container within the running track
  • Various Visibility-Splays

The actions will be reviewed next month.