Works at Feltham Arena

I observed a question about the recent works at Feltham Arena on the relevant Facebook Group.  Despite me not being asked by email (even though I am generally very prompt in responding), I did make enquiries.  Claims have since been made that I have not been forthcoming.

The response I received *today* was:

“With reference to your email below concerning funding of works currently taking place at Feltham Arena, I can confirm on behalf of Leisure and Corporate Property that the London Borough of Hounslow are not funding these works.

Please accept our apologies for the delay in the reply.”

The insinuations made about me in this case were not in the same league as some of the other comments made.  I have not responded to most but may refer to some of these in the future.

On another matter, I found out 20 minutes or so about a fire by the running track and one claim was made at the same time that I am not interested.  An email has just been posted to Laing and copied to the Leisure team at the Council.  I will post the response I receive on the blog.


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