Running Track – Feltham Arena

A few weeks ago, I noticed a few people using the running track.  A few years ago there was signage stating it was not in use (that signage is no longer there).  As there is no signage and I saw others using it, I took a look.  The track is actually pleasant to run on.
I made some enquiries and asked if the overgrowth could atleast be cut back.

I received the following last week:

“The running track and its surrounding area were not included in the term GM contract.

It has not been maintained regularly since the contract has been let. I have now instructed contractors to tidy up the site and maintain the grass and litter on a fortnightly basis so that it will be ready to vary into the contract held by JLIS at the end of September.

The longer term use of the running track is not yet known but I will get some guidance.

I will look into the signage and see what we should be displaying as this is not a fully maintained track”

I was delighted to see it had been cut back yesterday.  It looks much better.  There some other things that have been pointed out on one of the facebook groups and I will make enquiries about these.


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