School Road carpark

On 17 January, I reported a number of defects at the above carpark in Hounslow (1194358).  I received the following response on 20 January:

“The car parks are inspected on a weekly basis.
The inspection for School Road car park prior to your service request was on Wednesday 11th January 2012. We are aware of the surface defects.
As you may know, the car park is currently being used as the access point for the extension / redevelopment of the primary school. This has entailed very large 12 wheeled and articulated lorries using the car park on a regular basis whilst the groundwork, foundations and initial building materials and plant deliveries were carried out.
This has been a fundamental cause of the potholes appearing. According to the builders this phase of heavy vehicle movement through the car park should finish within the next 2 to 3 weeks.
It is planned that once this heavy and damaging traffic has reduced, the necessary repairs will be carried out to the surface and the displaced kerb stones re-laid (subject to budget approval).
The road that the car park exits into at the rear of the shops is private property and its maintenance is not a Council responsibility.”

I used the carpark last Saturday and saw the following:

The first of the above pictures is especially bad.  It is located at the entrance to the carpark.

In terms of why the defects remain (or are worse), I can only assume that the heavy vehicle movement has not yet ended or that it has ended but no budget approval has been received.

Whatever the explanation, the amount of defects in this carpark is unacceptable.

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  1. Mark Bowen Says:

    Reference 1220696

  2. Mark Bowen Says:

    I received the following on 27 June:

    “Further to our correspondence of earlier this year regarding School Road car park Hounslow. Unfortunately budget funding was not available at that time for the surface repairs to be carried out at the car park. Added to this the construction and delivery vehicles are continuing to use the car park as an entrance and exit route for deliveries to the school during its construction stage, causing continual damage to the surface.

    There has now been a further development in that there is a proposal that a large section of the car park will need to be fenced off and handed over to Transport Operations for the storage / parking of their fleet of school mini-buses. This is due to the reallocation of space at Bridge Road depot for the PFI contractor. If this goes ahead, it will mean that there will be some very significant changes to the lay-out of the car park with the possibility that the current entrance / exit arrangements will be changed and kerb lines removed and re-located.

    With these factors in mind there will probably not be any work done on the surface defects until the decision has been made on the provision of space for Transport Operations. However if the decision is made to locate them at School Road car park it is anticipated that work on the allocation of space and re-routing of traffic within the car park will start relatively soon and the surface defects can be incorporated in these works.”

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