Latest with Feltham Park Pond

I received the following on 24 May:

“Further to our recent correspondence concerning this matter and especially the points noted in your most recent email, It is clear that in this instance our service delivery and expected response has fallen below that expected.

In mitigation, Feltham Pond has been an ongoing problem for a number of years, to answer Cllr Bowens original request for information, this noted the presence of a nesting moorhen on the pond which prevented any work being carried until the chicks had hatched and successfully fledged, this has now happened and subject to no further nesting birds etc we will be able to attend site on a regular basis to carry our regular clearance of both weed and water borne litter. Our Senior Ecologist, was also consulted regarding both the nesting bird issue and aquatic weed control.

With the above in mind, we propose the following programme be adopted until we all have had the opportunity to discuss a longer more sustainable solution.

Full clearance of water borne weed and litter – ongoing.

Daily litter collection around the pond surrounds and water borne collection by net from the bank.

Weekly / as required water borne  litter collection by boat.

Weekly netting of water borne weed.”

Here is what the pond looked like over the weekend:

I do not see any improvement so will ask again when an improvement can be expected?

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