Alley between New Road and Helen Avenue

I received a very helpful email from a constituent a couple of weeks ago expressing concern about the litter and overgrowth of the alley between New Road and Helen Avenue.  I received the following explanation on 1 June:

“I have received your email regarding the alleyway leading from New Road Feltham to Helen Ave. I have inspected this alleyway and found it to be very overgrown, I will discuss this with the community environment team who can then arrange for the cutting back to take place. Once the hedges and grass has been cut back I can then arrange for the alleyway to be manually swept and any debris removed. I found litter in places in the alleyway and have instructed the supervisor for this area to ensure that the alleyway is monitored every week to ensure that the weekly litterpick which occurs on a Monday actually happens and to the correct standard.”

Here is what I saw over the weekend:

Other than the grass cutting at the Glebelands, which can be seen on the last picture, everything else raises the question of how it has got into that state?  The overgrowth is covering lighting, which raises additional concerns to appearance.

I will ask for timescales for improving matters.

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