Planning Application in Hawkes Road

I was contacted yesterday about this application.  If you have any concerns or objections, you can make them on the link.  Looks like a large development.


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4 Responses to “Planning Application in Hawkes Road”

  1. Mark james mcaleese Says:

    Link just takes u to the plannig page. Bit not to any application.

    • Mark Bowen Says:

      The alternative is to go onto the planning page:

      And enter ‘P2012/0873’as the System Number.

      • Mark James McAleese Says:

        I’ve tried that ref you gave me, and I keep getting this

        List of application based on the following criteria:-

        System number: P2012/0873
        Number of cases: 0 (note query was limited to 50 cases.)
        Please click on relevant application number to see more details.
        Click here to go back to previous page.

      • Mark Bowen Says:

        Try ‘P/2012/0873’

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