Technology and Channel Shift an opportunity (being missed by LBH)

Here is my most recent column in the Chronicle.  It is mainly based on a contribution I made at last week’s Borough Council Meeting.  I have commented about it before on the blog.

The column outlines my basic position.  Despite the response from one Labour Councillor in the Chamber to my constructive remarks, this is not a partisan or party political matter.

Labour controlled Ealing seem to have a decent idea of what I mean.  This is on their Council Building:

They clearly understand that it is in the interests of everyone for those who have internet access to use the most modern form of technology when dealing with the Council, unless this is not possible.  If we applied Hounslow’s more recent approach (and assumed that Hounslow also had a Town Hall on the High Street), it would have put up signage with lots of phone numbers and the general website.

I genuinely hope that Hounslow will change its ways here.  It saddened me that there were people who signed off the page in Hounslow Matters that I consider so out of date in its approach.

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One Response to “Technology and Channel Shift an opportunity (being missed by LBH)”

  1. Mani Says:

    Hi Mark,I think to some extent this will come down to two main things (there will no doubt be others),
    1. The culture of the entire organisation to truly embrace channel shift to online models – there is still, I would surmise a very insular and old fashioned approach to e-business and e-delivery within Hounslow – this is perpetuated with senior offices and cabinet members not understanding / ignoring the issue because they see it as “an IT issue”
    2. The ability for the technology department to accept that this is the way forward and stop hiding behind typical excuses of “not enough resources”, no skills, and “cannot do that because of integration issues
    I wonder how many times you have been told that this cannot happen because of situations like the above, or indeed the demographic of the Borough means that it would be non-inclusive.
    Keep plugging away, I firmly believe that it is the right track.

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