LEVEL CROSSING CLOSURE – Feltham West Level Crossing

I have received the following today:

“Network Rail needs to undertake essential engineering works at Feltham West level crossing.  To facilitate these works, the level crossing will be closed to pedestrians as well as vehicles from 11.00pm Saturday 21st January until 5.00am Monday 6th February (16 days)

The alternative pedestrian route for access to the other side of the crossing will be to use the footbridge or the route through the shopping centre.

For disabled access across the crossing please contact an on-site Amey member of staff who will assist as required.

Should you have concerns about these arrangement please contact Network Rail Community Relations on 08457 114141.
Alternatively, the Amey Rail’s on-site engineers can be contacted direct on 08700 781 000.

Thank you for your understanding and we are sorry for any inconvenience these essentialengineering works may cause.”

I received the following last Friday:

“Vehicles and cycles will be diverted via New Road and A244 Hounslow Road. We will work with TfL Traffic Signals to adjust the traffic signal timings at both the Bedfont Lane/High Street and Hounslow Road/Hanworth Road junctions to try and reduce any delays as much as possible.
Pedestrians will have three options; the footbridge adjacent to the level crossing will remain open at all times; the footbridge and ramp into The Centre will be available for use 24-hours a day; and there is the longer route via the footways on New Road and Hounslow Road. During the day the contractor working for Network Rail will have operatives on hand to offer assistance to anyone who has mobility difficulties to help and escort them around the closure, either through The Centre or via the lifts within Feltham Station itself.
Network Rail has already undertaken a letter drop to local residents and businesses. Advance notice signs are on site and signs specific for pedestrians will be on site before Monday. On Thursday and Friday next week there will be representatives from Network Rail on site distributing leaflets to all pedestrian and cyclists using the crossing advising them of the pending closure and the alternative routes available to them. Letters will also provided to the local primary schools for distributing to parents.”

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2 Responses to “LEVEL CROSSING CLOSURE – Feltham West Level Crossing”

  1. Mark Savage Says:

    Thanks for the very helpful information on this, Mark. I think the crossing closure will have come as something of a surprise, not to say a shock, to many locally. I only heard about it through a facebook posting from a local driving instructor, but he didn’t give the full details as you have.

    Sadly, our once excellent local “newspaper” the Chronicle seems to have ignored this story altogether so far. I fear it will bring travel chaos to the already often congested New Road/Hounslow Road junction though. It’s all very well re-phasing the lights at “Feltham Cross” by the park and on the High Street side of the bridge, but wouldn’t some TTL’s at the New Road junction help to address matters better?

    The other question that should be asked is, when things like this happen, why can’t the restriction on turning right at the junction of Hounslow Road and Harlington Road West be temporarily lifted? I suspect there are going to be long tailbacks to the junction from New Road but lifting the turn restriction would enable motorists to access the Southville area of Bedfont Lane, for instance, via Burns Avenue and Tachbrook Road, thus avoiding the crossing bottleneck altogether.

  2. Paul Chapman Says:


    Great blog!

    I live in Bergenia House directly opposite and the new system goes off like a Klaxon Horn every minute or so.

    I’m trying to work out who to complain to.

    My partner tried network Rail who palmed her off with a “we’ll call you back” response.

    It’s very frustrating as it’s effecting our sleep, that’s how loud it is.

    Does anyone have any idea who to complain to??


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