Merry Christmas

I hope that everyone in Feltham North and elsewhere are having a lovely day!


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  1. Mark Savage Says:

    Thank you, Mark. Not sure if you are spending yours in Feltham, Welsh Wales or perhaps you’re even blessed with being able to spend it in the warmth of your wife’s home “turf”.

    Can I say thank you for all you have done for Feltham North this year- and though your blog is not normally a place for commercial endorsements, can I also give a good plug to the Il Grasso restaurant at the St Giles Hotel.

    This is where my brother and I enjoyed our Christmas lunch this year. The restaurant did an excellent Christmas spread, and the service is so friendly. We were also there at the same time of one of Feltham’s most significant familiies, the Traylens, famous for their contribution to the travelling showmen’s community, were enjoying their (large!) family Christmas meal together. Effectively, they were being served their meal by their “good neighbours”, as Traylens winter quarters/HQ along with the Parhams and the Guyatts, are of course opposite the St Giles in New Road/Station Estate Road.

    The St Giles is a great contributor to Feltham’s economy, and no I’m not on commission! Their staff deserve every tip they get at this very busy time of year. Happy Christmas to them, and to you and your family, Mark.

  2. Mark Bowen Says:

    Many thanks and no problem about the plug. I had previously thought about a blog just about food. Maybe one for the future?

    I agree wth your comments about St Giles!

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